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January 1, 2020:
Did you miss the Black Friday offer for the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign? Uncle Al is back and ready to help you join in the fun with a special offer: Select the $146 reward level and receive over $400 (post-KS price) worth of Car Wars goodies . . . plus the Uncle Al's Upgrade Pack bonus!  This offer expires January 2 at 5 pm Central, so act fast before you miss out on this special deal . . . read article

January 2, 2020:
Kurt Refling of Meeple Mountain thinks so. I can only envy a writer with the time to play 100 different games . . . no, wait, that assumes that every one made the cut . . . so maybe a thousand different games? . . . read article

January 3, 2020:
If you haven't yet joined the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign on Kickstarter, then now is your chance to take advantage of the special Kickstarter savings . . . because even the upcoming BackerKit preorders won't offer a bargain as incredible as you can get today if you select the $140 reward level. Backer support has unlocked dozens of stretch goals and made that $140 reward better and better, with cards, miniatures, and more included in that package . . . read article

January 4, 2020:
Hark! What is that plaintive cry? . . . read article

January 5, 2020:
At this time last year, there were zero Steve Jackson Games titles for The Fantasy Trip available. We had run the Kickstarter campaign for the Legacy Edition box (available now), but nothing had yet been released . . . read article

January 6, 2020:
Today is the end! Later today, our Kickstarter campaign for Car Wars Sixth Edition comes to a close and our team transitions from working on the crowdfunding campaign to completing all of the work necessary to send the game (and several expansions!) to print . . . read article

January 7, 2020:
It is hard to believe that the term "Munchkin" is over a century old, but it's true. Introduced in L . . . read article

January 8, 2020:
Did you miss the Kickstarter campaign for the latest addition to the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game series? Now's your chance to take advantage of our GURPS On Demand program and order the Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2 print book . . . and receive it in only a few days!  With the GURPS On Demand program (check out the available books here), we both minimize our inventory and make it much easier for you to include this newest GURPS softcover in your library . . . read article

January 9, 2020:
It is a New Year, and with it comes new releases from Steve Jackson Games. The following are now shipping to distributors with a street date of January 22 . . . read article

January 10, 2020:
On Monday, January 20th, we take the new Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2 64-page book to Kickstarter, where we need your support to make this new book a reality! Expanding the GURPS-driven Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game with new magic items, monsters, and villains, this book is great for GMs and players who want to add more depth to their campaigns . . . read article

January 11, 2020:
Druids. They're all about nature, change, and growth . . . read article

January 12, 2020:
Jacob Fryxelius' Terraforming Mars is one of the big hits of the past few years. It's a sprawling card-driven Eurogame with no less than six "currencies" to collect and spend: cash, steel, titanium, plants, energy, and heat . . . read article

January 13, 2020:
Here at SJ Games, we like the winter holiday season so much that we never want it to end. But it wouldn't be special if the holidays lasted year round, so we put all of our special holiday-themed games and loot in a vault most of the year . . . read article

January 14, 2020:
The world of Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 is going on tour this weekend, January 18-19, with demos at game stores across the country! Our friends at Envoy will be demoing one of the most popular editions of Munchkin we've ever released – and if that isn't enough, they'll have promos, as well . . . read article

January 15, 2020:
Would you like to meet Steve Jackson and John Kovalic? Register today for FnordCon, the official Steve Jackson Games convention in Austin where both Steve and John will be happy to chat and sign your Munchkin games! . . . read article

January 16, 2020:
Would you like to get information on new games, special events, and important news? Subscribe to our newsletter today to receive a few emails every month where we highlight the latest games and expansions and, at times, direct you to our crowdfunding campaigns . . . read article

January 17, 2020:
As we have mentioned previously, we're taking a new Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game book to Kickstarter on Monday, January 20th . . . which is next week! This will be another Quickstarter campaign, going live on the 20th and closing on Monday, January 27th, so please be sure to click the "notify me" button on this page and join the campaign on Day One . . . read article

January 18, 2020:
Spring is right around the corner, so if you're preparing to cram for exams but can't seem to stay awake long enough to absorb the material, Oleg Vdovenko has the cure: his artwork. If you're not familiar with it, be assured it's realistic enough to give you bad dreams for days (and if that's not warning enough for the parents reading this, to repeat: Some of the material isn't safe for work or kids regardless of how strong your personal fortitude is) . . . read article

January 19, 2020:
If you aren't familiar with Restoration Games, they take classic games from decades past and update them for the 21st century. They're probably best known for their new version of Fireball Island, funded on Kickstarter a couple of years ago . . . read article

January 20, 2020:
It's that day, gang! Later today, we launch the new Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2 on Kickstarter as both a printed book and in PDF . . . read article

January 21, 2020:
Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to a year full of fun times with good friends and great games . . . you might say that it's my 2020 vision . . . read article

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