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July 21, 2003: Back Online, In Two Senses

Yes, our site was unreachable for a while last night, as Sage worked on the server upgrade we announced Saturday.

Phil and I are on our way home from a truly excellent Comic-Con, and will hit the ground running . . . just in time to see Ross and Michelle off to GenCon.
-- Steve Jackson

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July 21, 2003: Pardon The Dust . . .

The scheduled maintenance performed yesterday was a little rocky, but has ended well. However, due to some of the changes made, you might notice some problems. Most notably, the Pyramid newsgroups are currently not available. We are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. Any other problems should be reported to sysadmin@sjgames.com, and copied to webmaster@sjgames.com, and marq@sjgames.com.

-- Sage

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July 21, 2003: The Golden Rule Applied

Or, "Get others to do unto you what they were hoping you would do unto them."

By now, everyone should be aware of the so-called "Nigerian" or "419" scam, where for a modest investment, you too can partake in the MILLIONS OF US$ looted from some small African country in the throes of upheaval. Scam-o-Rama is a site dedicated to all the permutations of this scam, including tips for not being taken, stories of those who were taken, and interchanges of varying humorousness between would-be scammers and wouldn't-be scammees.

Probably the best ones are the transactions in which the scammer ends up forking over valuta of his own. Out of that select few, this story takes the gold.


-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

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