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October 31, 2007: Boo!

Halloween snuck up on us, but we're doing our traditional Game Day. We'll be playing games, eating way too much sugar, and trying to navigate the office with costumes on.

What that means for you, our loyal fans, is a slight delay on responses. We'll be checking email and dealing with burning emergencies, but most things we'll let slide until tomorrow.

I'll post costume photos ASAP.
-- Paul Chapman

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October 31, 2007: Looking To Do Some Early Christmas Shopping?

Well, if you're looking to finish off your holiday shopping early, and you're giving a gift to a fan of GURPS Atlantis, GURPS CthulhuPunk, GURPS Alternate Earths, GURPS Japan, or GURPS Castle Falkenstein, your search just got a little easier. We've added the bibliographies for each of those books to our Bibliographies Page. Each lists an impressive array of related works, with convenient links to a bookseller for your internet purchasing pleasure.

Of course, our Bibliographies Page has many more GURPS biblios available, including GURPS Discworld -- recently updated to include the newest novel!
-- Paul Chapman

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