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September 1, 2021:
After many years of work, the official Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game is now available at our online store, Warehouse 23, as a pre-release PDF. Powered by GURPS, this new game is heading to Kickstarter later this year so that we can determine whether or not there is enough demand for a hardcover or POD edition of the game book . . . read article

September 2, 2021:
I will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta (in fact, I'm there as you read this). I will help to lead a two-day workshop on game design, and sit on a few panels . . . read article

September 3, 2021:
When we launched the Random Fun Generator campaign last year, none of us at the office expected to see the project close with close to 4,000 backers. Our book of dice games for families performed far, far better than expected, so we directed Sam and Randy to tackle a new batch of dice games . . . and now Random Fun Generator 2 is in the final stages of checks and almost ready for Kickstarter! . . . read article

September 4, 2021:
The wolf-cult of the moon-goddess Lukariel Sherikira held the Tower of the Moon as their high holy temple. After a night of screams and horror, the tower—and its rumored riches—stood abandoned. Rumors of trouble coming from the tower spread through the local village of Waldrand . . . read article

September 5, 2021:
As part of our constant battle to make it easier for you to find out about our latest releases, we've improved our Amazon pages so that more and more of our titles feature enhanced information, providing you with more photos and details.  At Amazon, there are both individual product pages -- games, expansions, books, etc. -- as well as larger category pages. The main landing page includes a small, easy to miss feature that we'd like to point you at today: a follow button . . . read article

September 6, 2021:
Two casualties of the pandemic were the reprints of our Munchkin 2020 game releases, Munchkin Tails and Munchkins & Mazes. We expected these reprints in our warehouse earlier this year, but the state of freight seriously damaged our schedules and it was only this month that they landed in the warehouse and started shipping to distributors . . . read article

September 7, 2021:
Team up with the legendary Bêlit, as you and she face the diabolical dangers of the Zarkheba River! Long out of print, GURPS Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast is available as a softcover once again, thanks to the renowned On Demand program . . . read article

September 8, 2021:
Where does the time go??? It feels like only yesterday we were starting the new year, and now we're approaching the final months of 2021? . . . read article

September 9, 2021:
As the containers loaded with Car Wars Sixth Edition games, accessories, and expansions start to land at our primary warehouse, we are pleased to announce that we have opened pre-orders at Warehouse 23! The Kickstarter rewards are scheduled to start shipping next month, and will ship first, but those of you who missed out and want to get your hands on the new game can now place a pre-order for the Core Set . . . read article

September 10, 2021:
Last month, the reprints of two Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 expansions – Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Faith and Firepower and Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Savagery and Sorcery – left our warehouse and wandered into the wild to look for trouble. Considering the extreme glut of games already in the market, I'm personally happy to see the Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 series continue to sell well enough that reprints of the expansions are both necessary and a good use of our limited resources . . . read article

September 11, 2021:
Over a decade of work has led to this day: the GURPS Girl Genius book is available in PDF! Whether you shop at our online store, Warehouse 23, or the DrivethruRPG site, the PDF is available to buy and download right now.  Now, as awesome as that is, it's only the opening shot as we prepare to take the project to Kickstarter where, with your support, we'll also produce a hardcover edition of the book . . . read article

September 12, 2021:
We post to the Daily Illuminator every day, and have for over two decades . . . but we know you can't always make a visit to sjgames.com a part of your routine. Fortunately, in today's world, there are other ways to keep in touch with us and stay up-to-date on our latest projects . . . read article

September 13, 2021:
Now open for pre-orders at Warehouse 23, the new Car Wars Sixth Edition game blasts out of the gate with hundreds of cards, dozens of plastic miniatures, and more game content than you can use in a single session! While the core set (pre-order today!) comes with plenty of cars, we know that many of you are always on the hunt for more . . . which is where the Car Wars Miniatures Set 1 box comes into play! NOTE: This minis set is planned for wider release in 2022, but we do not currently have a scheduled date for offering this expansion to distributors . . . read article

September 14, 2021:
As many of you know, our dear friend and Munchkin Czar, Andrew Hackard, passed away in June. We miss him every day . . . . . read article

September 15, 2021:
This was my first DC in more than a decade. Physically exhausting but creatively rejuvenating . . . read article

September 16, 2021:
After a long year off we're back in Indianapolis Thursday, September 16 - Sunday, September 19 for Gen Con! It's been a crazy couple of years, but we're excited to be back at the biggest game convention in North America . . . read article

September 17, 2021:
As our warehouse crew prepares for the monumental task of shipping the Car Wars Sixth Edition rewards to the Kickstarter backers, we have opened pre-orders for the game, expansions, and accessories at Warehouse 23. The most popular types of expansions selected by project supporters in the BackerKit surveys were the miniatures boxes, four different sets that each include five minis and 148 game cards that increase the number of available vehicle design options for the game. Car Wars Miniatures Set 2, not included in the Double Ace box, comes with five car miniatures that are not found in any other set: Spark, Pure Energy, Redline, Sledge, and Apollo . . . read article

September 18, 2021:
Congratulations to our game partner Last Gameboard for launching their Big Time BETA Program! I am thrilled to see Ogre played on Gameboard! . . . read article

September 19, 2021:
As part of the upcoming Random Fun Generator 2 Kickstarter campaign (follow the project today!), we have created a small pack of seven new Munchkin cards. Featuring the artwork of Katie Cook, these cards will be limited in the Kickstarter, but they are not exclusive to the project and may be available again in the future . . . read article

September 20, 2021:
Gen Con is over, but there's still time to take advantage of our specials (detailed on this page). Hurry, though, because the convention specials end later today and you won't want to miss this chance at a bargain! . . . read article

September 21, 2021:
Most years, at this time, we would be scrambling to make sure we had our holiday inventory needs under control so that we would be able to meet the demand for our hottest sellers. This year, thanks to the impact the global pandemic has had on manufacturing and shipping, we're forced to admit that we may simply be out of several titles by the end of the year . . . read article

September 22, 2021:
Did you miss the recent Munchkin promo booklets Kickstarter campaign? Well, we have good news: You've not yet missed it!  Pre-orders are now open at BackerKit for the promo booklets, and there are several Munchkin games, expansions, and accessories available in the project's pre-order store, including a new pack of random Munchkin promo bookmarks and cards, a dice bundle, and everything from button packs to coasters to the Hack & Slash and Scarf-N-Barf games! . . . read article

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