Dominic's Confessions: Day 9, Second Confession

By Charles Phipps (


Dominic thought a long time about Kobal's confession on the Eighth day and while he was pratically sure it was it had to be one of Dark Humor's twisted senses of humor....didn't it? Dominic sighed and looked at his hourglass underneath his robes, the device ticking away sands until the new Millineum. It was the ninth day and thus still a week until his next day of rest.

It was then he noticed that his confessional was on fire.

Dominic blinked as two servants of Yves cast songs of cooling on the confessional so he could enter safely. Given the display Dominic had a very good idea who was inside and thus quickly went inside to get the person's confession.

Gabrielle: Multi-Eyed cloaked servant of the Scales, he who gives decisions in place of a God who exists all around but is never seen, taker of in his name sins who dwells among us....I have to confess what lies beneath my ineffability as surely as it lies under yon cloak.

Dominic looked at Gabrielle for a long momment puzzling through that.

Dominic: Eh?

Gabrielle: I come to confess something horrendeous, mind boggling, and dark to something that was akin to the Darkest screaming violations of the Symphony without being so.

Dominic stared blinking his multi-eyes.

Dominic: Go on....

Gabrielle: CAN YOU TRULY STAND THE TRUTH HOODED ONE!? Can you accept the burden of knowledge!? Is it in your spirit to acknoledge your nakedness before the Lord and the powerless you have before him to judge me....and serve as MY conduit for redemption?

Gabrielle pointed a fiery finger at Dominic.

Dominic: Yes Yes indeed....

Gabrielle: Very well so be unto you the truth....I didst forget to tell Sodekai this morrow that I wanted to sponser a young Olfalim for a word. I corrected it but momments past.

Dominic waited a few momments after that as the fire was continually being smoothed around his confessional by the Yves servitors....after a full minute of silence, Dominic looked at Gabrielle.

Dominic: That's it?

Gabrielle: Yay.

Dominic briefly wondered if it would be innappropriate to fill the cathedral with profanity but he decided against it on sheer grounds it would require another confession.

Dominic: Your sure Lady Gabrielle? tampering or abandoning servitors or smiting someone who didn't deserve it?

Gabrielle: Nay my concience there is clear. *GASP* FATHER I DO THY BIDDING!

The side of the confessional Gabrielle was on then exploding reigning down burning embers on Dominic's cathedral.

Dominic simply sighed and waved his hands in a holy gesture towards Gabrielle's flying form.

"Your forgiven in his name. Say three our fathers and an act of contrition."

Dominic at that point left his confessional to get contact Saint Joseph for a new confession booth....stopping only to dance about when he realized his cloak was on fire.


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