Updated: 3 / 2 / 98

In Nomine

On the Brain?


Elizabeth McCoy (emccoy @ nh.ultranet.com):

... You see a "Touched by an Angel" T-shirt at the mall and break into giggles, thinking about how you've *got* to get one... And screen "In Nomine" on the back. (Or at least how your demon is going to go around wearing one in the game now.)

... You note "heavenly windchimes" in the candle-store, and that they're labled things like "Cherubim" and "Seraphim," and you think how *offended* those Choirs would be to be linked with *chimes*...

... Somebody does you a favor, and you ask, "Was that unofficial or do I owe you?"

... You discover that Victoria's Secret is advertising "Heavenly Underware" with a pair of styrofoam white wings on the display-model, and have to bite your tongue...

... You notice angel/demon things everywhere you go! And I mean *everywhere*! (I never *knew* there were so many celestial in-jokes surrounding me...)

Kingsley Lintz (lintking @ stout.entertain.com):

Well, I have to admit, it can get pretty bad...but as long as you don't try invoking your Resonance on someone, I think you're OK.

Shadowcat (shadowcat @ caravan.nomad.net):

... when you try to figure out which Choirs/Bands your friends are.

What really got scary is when we figured out one of our friends makes more sense as a Kyriotate of Jean than as a human. :-P I will post the stats for him when I get them finished.

Highway Star (smw4s @ virginia.edu):

I was watching Poltergeist: The Legacy...
"Hmmm, I wonder why Rachel is playing the piano," said person entering the room.
"She's regenerating Essence," said me, instinctively.

Sean Michael Whipkey (smw4s @ faraday.clas.virginia.edu):

A bumper sticker that said, "Never Drive Faster Than Your Angel"
And the first thing I thought was, "I hope my angel is an Ofanite..."

Kingsley Lintz (lintking @ stout.entertain.com):

Had an amusing run of coincidence the other night. We went down to the video store to rent The Prophecy [...]

So as we're walking in, they've got a big poster up for "Dear God" - the one about the postal workers answering God's mail. And their little magazine with discounts and announcements is featuring "Michael" - the Travolta one about an angel.

We chuckle a little and walk around...snag "The Prophecy", and start looking along the new releases. And there's "Dear God" again, having one shelf to itself...seven boxes for it, of which six are missing, with the one in the middle prominently thrust forward. Not ones to ignore omens like THAT, we pick it up. We passed by "The Preacher's Wife," which we'd had some interest in before and figured `what the heck'...(well, or the other place.)

Then we went over to add our customary Anime, and, without even thinking about it, MaBarry picks up "Battle Angel." I shrugged and comment, "Well, I guess it fits our theme..." She almost dropped it.

I dunno. Having In Nomine on the brain is one thing, but when it starts sneaking into your LIFE like that...<gryn>

Christopher Paul (cpaul @ rand.org):

Saw the following California license plate driving around Los Angeles:


tom timberlake (tomtimb @ ionet.net)

You know you've got the IN-bug bad when you drive past a floor-covering store advertising scraps and left-overs with a one word sign that says "remnants" and you crane your head looking for the broken Celestials.....


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