By (GR Cogman)
(and a few others)

As the Malakite was drinking coffee...

... a Calabite walked into the bar.

And the Malakite of Blandine threw the sugarbowl into his face. "Sweet dreams." Followed by fist, foot, and a few other things...

And the Malakite of David leaned back against the counter, smirked, and began telling the story of the Calabite, the Lilim, and the three talking sheep, which for some reason caused the Calabite to begin howling and launch an attack...

And the Malakite of Dominic levelled his gun. "You have been judged. The sentence is death."

And the Malakite of Eli tossed his mug of coffee at the Calabite, vaulted over the bar, tore a stool from the floor, used it as a bat to knock the Calabite into the wall, smushed a slice of cake in his face, used a set of saucers as deadly chakrams...

And the Malakite of Gabriel manifested green flaming claws as he leaped upon the Calabite, causing several bystanders to speculate upon the amount of caffeine in that mug...

And the Malakite of Janus -- well, nobody had _seen_ him put any dynamite in that mug of coffee, but...

And the Malakite of Jean presses three keys on his laptop: the doors lock, and storm shutters seal across the windows, as he grins and rises...

And the Malakite of Jordi whistled, which was when the pack of dogs burst through the door, baying...

And the Malakite of Laurence drew his sword. He bowed to the Calabite, and was beginning the formal challenge when the table hit him. Things got messy after that.

And the Malakite of Marc spins his gun. "I'll make you a deal..."

And the Malakite of Michael puts his hand on his gun. "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

And the Malakite of Novalis [Maya left this blank...]

And the Malakite of Yves simply put one finger in his book to mark the place. "Wait till I reach the end of the chapter."

Feeling like some coffee,
Maya, Elohim of Eli in service to Blandine


And the Malakite of Novalis ...

...Said, `Oh, hi there.' And the Calabite blasted her chair. The Malakite of Novalis replied, `Can we talk about this?' And the Calabite narrowly missed her head with his acid spit. `No?' And the Calabite got messy from there. [Kingsley Lintz (]

...caused the plants form the planter next to the door entangle the Calabite. Things got messy from there. [Thomas Davidson (]

Well. _Somebody_ was responsible for spiking the demon's coffee with obscure plant-alcaloid that causes nightmarish hallucinations for days.... [Tapio Erola (]

...And the Malakim of Novalis said, "Look, Audrey! Lunch just arrived." [Shadowcat (]

...And from behind the door something large said, "Feed me, Seymour!" [Shadowcat (]


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