What do Celestials do on Saturday night?

By: maya@tcp.co.uk (GR Cogman)

Seraph : Put that television off! Now! (covering ears)

Cherub : Yes, Officer, I quite appreciate that the lady wants to visit all the night clubs without anybody scaring off potential friends. I just... think she has incredibly good taste. So I'm following her. Really.

Elohite : Saturday is a day, like any other day. Balance is key in these matters. Observe how some people find it worthy of note, some celebrate it as a Sabbath, some simply choose to relax...

Ofanite : (no quote, just sound of motorbike attempting to get round all clubs in town via quickest route)

Malakite : (cue Bat-signal)

Kyriotate : Well, at least one of me is enjoying myself.

Mercurian : Party time! Everybody conga!

Balseraph : Of course you can have another drink. You can handle it.

Djinn : *click of phone receiver* I'm watching you. Now.

Calabite : They don't make motorcycles like they used to. This one only lasted three windows.

Habalite : The way that they're treating you makes me so angry. Betraying you. Sneering in your face. If I were you, I'd just...

Lilim : My, it'll be a hard time doing _this_ many favours. Still, a girl's got to do her best...

Shedite : I do what I do all the time. And I don't stop. Now, if you just add this powder to the punchbowl here, and then we watch from the balcony..

Impudite : *yum*



-- Maya, Elohite of Eli in service to Blandine



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