Seraphim and Sex

By Kingsley Lintz (


Too predictable? Let me give you the following lines, which could easily be adapted to any sexually active Servitor of Creation (i. e. all of them).

Exactly. Anyone you can that casually say, "i.e. all of them" about, is too predictable.

What about the sexually active Seraph of Yves. "This is going to be the best orgasm of your life..."

Or of Michael. "No, I WON'T put the feather duster down. Hey, all's fair, and all that..."

Or of David. "I'm sorry, Tod..I've just never been able to enjoy it with only one person. Let's get Chris and Cheryl and Claire and Bob over here and party."

Or Jean. "Hey, we've got to try out this new toy!"

Or Marc. "Strip poker, anyone?" (I'm willing to bet that Seraph of Trade attunement works just dandy for gambling...look someone in the eye and know -exactly- how high they're willing to go on this if bluffing Seraphim wasn't bad enough normally.)

Shadowcat adds:

And don't forget the serephs of Jordi. If you have ever seen a dolphin, thay are the HORNIEST animals in creation. Even cats lose interest sometimes, and Dolphins will even INITATE sex with humans.


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