Christmas in Hell

By (Redneck Gaijin)


... or did you think they didn't have holidays down there?

Andrealphus goes down to Earth in female vessel and invites men to participate in an Immaculate Conception.

Asmodeus brings lumps of coal to all the bad little imps, gremlins, frotlings, familiars, and other demonlings.

Baal wraps up pipe bombs with labels reading 'Do Not Open until Xmas'.

Beleth gets well-meaning video companies to re-release the Mexican 'Santa Claus' movie. (No, Lupita!!)

Belial buys Yule Logs for all his favorite Servitors.

Haagenti and Nybbas remind everyone there's only 137 shopping days left until Easter.

Kobal goes around all the malls and shopping centers pulling down Santa's beard.

Kronos tests light strings to make sure each and every one is defective in some subtle way.

Malphas buys up a few thousand cases of Tickle Me Elmo's and has a weenie roast.

Saminga giggles as he hoses down the bridges in the Deep South to make them nice and slick.

Valefor drops $50,000 fur stoles in the Goodwill collection box.

Vapula works hard designing even more annoying noises for battery-operated toys to make.

And Lilith goes around all the other Demon Princes, asking, "What did YOU get me for Christmas?"


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