Celestial Fashion Statements

By John Karakash (johnk@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com)

[In response to the query:]
Heck, why not some sexy angel chicks too? Why should the demons get all the fun?

[Karakash writes:]
That's very true... human mores about clothing and sexuality are very much their own invention. Each choir (and each angel probably) judges such things by their own, inhuman, standards.

Seraphim: Clothes should match the soul. Clean, precise, honest.

Cherubim: Tend toward protective clothing and stuff than can hide weaponry.

Ofanim: Nothing restrictive! Beyond that, who cares?

Elohim: Each type of clothing has its own advantages and disadvantages; choose it wisely.

Malakim: Animal skin.... mmmmm, yum! As the book says, utilitarian for the most part.

Kyriotates: If you have to ask about this one... O=)

Mercurian: Whatever fits in with the humans they prefer to interact with.

Note that none of these preclude having attractive or sexy clothing (depending on your tastes, of course). That Malakim clothing may be utilitarian, but leather is... well, it's LEATHER. =) Also, personal preferences might tilt angels in a variety of different ways. The only choir that can easily be tripped up by vanity are the Elohim.


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