Superiors and their coffee

By (GR Cogman)


(with assistance from the Archangel Beth - anyone who can work out which of us wrote which gets a round of applause)

ArchDean : "I'm still waiting for Jean's people to come up with a variant for my cats."

Archives : "Well, I'd rather have some hot chocolate..."

Blandine : "Coffee. Caffeine. Insomnia. What do you think?"

Christopher : "Now, now, wait till you're older."

David : "The spirit of fellowship burns more brightly than any caffeine-induced flames in the hearts of those who work together. Black, no sugar."

Dominic : "My Servitors are ever-watchful. Or I will know the reason why."

Eli : "Hey, man, I know this ecellent place round the corner that grinds it on the spot for you."

Gabriel : (coffee explodes in gout of steam. Gabriel walks through it, droplets hissing off her skin.) "Rise up and take the fire, nurture it how you may: but do not let it be lost."

Janus : (shifts on his feet) "Hey, can't you hurry that stuff up!" (Servitor of the Wind : "Someone took the coffee! We're having to get more!")

Jean : "Put it next to the cups over there. I'll get round to drinking them as soon as I finish this programming job."

Jordi : "Was this obtained ecologically?" or "Coffee is a degenerate creation of humanity."

Laurence : "I have no time for coffee while there is still evil at large."

Litheroy : "Are the advertisements true?"

Marc : "What would you say a fair price is?"

Michael : "And to continue the training session, in three easy steps one can convert a cup of coffee into a simple yet effective explosive..."

Novalis : "Oh, dear. Don't you think that there's a rather imbalanced amount of this stuff grown? I mean, it's good, but..."

Yves : "Yes, there is a purpose to coffee. If you feel that it will advance your Destiny, then by all means drink it."

Alaemon : "Who let the formula for mochaccino out!?!"

Andrealphus : "I can show you better things to do with cream, my sweet..."

Asmodeus : "Coffee is unnecessary for those dedicated to their work."

Baal : "Drink enough, and they'll be immune to poisons..."

Beleth : "Drink all the coffee you want. In the end, you must sleep, and you must dream..."

Belial : "HOT COFFEE! YEAH!" or : (tosses coffee cup across the room to shatter) "IT'S NOT HOT ENOUGH!"


Haagenti : "And some cream cakes, and eclairs, and Haagen-Dasz icecream, and nuts, and truffles, and..."

Kobal : "Want a cup? No, it's fine, really."

Kronos : "Go ahead. Take some. Set it right there, next to your hand-written manuscript. Oh, you shouldn't have used felt-tip, should you?"

Lilith : "How badly do you need it?"

Malphas : "Let's take a vote on how everyone would like the coffee to be. It's the most efficient way, really..."

Nybbas : "And on all our channels, now, advertisements for our new brands of coffee!"

Saminga : "Do you take it with strychnine or arsenic?"

Valefor : "Hey, who took the coffee!"

Vapula : "Was that the universal solvent or the coffee?"

And, for the last word:

Lucifer : "You could ask me for anything, and you have requested a cup of coffee?"


Maya, Elohim of Eli in service to Blandine

-- "There are those who say that wizards are subject to temptations and addictions beyond the understanding of ordinary men: the addiction to shape-changing, or to meditation under the influence of certain herbs and conditions of the stars; the obsession with knowledge, and the development of power. Yet this is not so. Temptation is temptation, obsession is obsession, and choice is choice." - Isar Chelladan, Precepts of Wizardry. -- "Dog Wizard", Barbara Hambly.


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