[FLUFF] Celestials in the Crosswalk

By redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)


Why did the Elohite cross the road?
Because, objectively speaking, the chicken knew what it was doing.

Why did the Cherub cross the road?
To protect the chicken.

Why did the Ofanite cross the road?
Because it was faster than going around.

Why did the Kyrotiate cross the road?
Because he was already there.

Why did the Djinn cross the road?
Because I wanted to, OKAY? Is that OKAY with you? It's not like I liked it any better over here or anything...

Why did the Calabite cross the road?
Because there was this neat bank clock on the other side...

Why did the Habbalite cross the road?
Because you like it better on the other side, don't you? Don't I? ARRRRRGH!!!

Why did the Lilim cross the road?
She'll tell you if you do her a favor...

Why did the Shedim cross the road?
To do something very nasty to the Girl Scout troop on the other side...

Why did the Impudite cross the road?
To rescue the Girl Scouts and drain their Essence.

Why did the Malakim cross the road?
To slay the Servitor of Kobal on the other side.

Why did the Balseraph cross the road?
He never crossed the road. You must be thinking of that other Balseraph with the black wings and sunglasses...

Why did the Mercurian cross the road?
Everyone else is doing it. Go with the flow.

and finally...

Why did the Seraph cross the road?
To get to the other side... why else? I don't get it...

Redneck (Why did Mulder and Scully cross the road? Because the truth is out there.)

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