Are You Ready For Some Football?

By Graveyard Greg (

**Flaming Feather**

Okay guys, time to throw myself into the realm of submitting some fluff...I hope you enjoy it!

WARNING: This is non-canon, as celestials do NOT enjoy football--they prefer checkers... ;)


"Anybody want some cokes?" asked Eli as he got up from sitting on the bleachers.

YEAH, said Haagenti, in the form of a seven-year-old boy whose mouth was smeared with chocolate. AND A HALF-DOZEN OF THOSE STADIUM HOT DOGS--DON'T FORGET THE RELISH...I LOVE RELISH!

"You would," sneered Laurence as he focused his attention on the scrimmage with a pair of binoculars. "How did I get myself talked into this?"

"Because, we figured you owed yourself a break," Lilith smiled, green eyes sparkling with veiled amusement.

"She's right, Laurence--everyone needs some 'Vacation Time' now and then," Marc said, winking at Lilith.

Dominic narrowed many of his eyes in suspicion. A conspiricy between the two, maybe? Shaking his head to rid himself of such (hopefully)absurd thoughts, he turned to Asmodeus, who sat next to him. "Did you hear the referee's last call? Completely irrelevant."

Asmodeus shrugged. "All part of the game--which is getting along quite well, yes?"

Nybbas, overhearing the conversation, barked out a laugh. "You betcha! The ratings are skyrocketing through the roof!" he exclaimed before going back to his hand-held TV.

"It _is_ exciting to watch," agreed Baal "Like two armies in mock combat."

"The Army versus the Navy games are better," replied Michael--although he didn't take his eyes off the action on the field.

"No, the Olympics are better than any football game--all those different nations, trying to outdo one another," grinned Malphas. "It's my favorite event."

"I'll wager that it would be every football fan's dream--pardon the pun--to have football as the next Olympic event." said Blandine, who tried to ignore Beleth.

"Of course, those same fans probably think that adding curling was a nightmare," added Beleth, who tried to ignore Blandine in return.

"Hey, curling added some great laughs," Kobal joked. "Not as much fun as what I did to that football, though,"

"You didn't," Jean said incredulously. He then looked at the giant TV screen on the scoreboard. "You did." He sighed. "Nice piece of work--the scoreboard, I mean." he hastily added, before Kobal could reply.

"Ehhhh...there's a bad bulb on it--it'll short out before tomorrow." observed Vapula.

"The defense is doing an admirable job," David murmured to Yves. "Like a stone wall."

"They've got some hard bodies, all right," Andrealphus purred with something a little more than admiration. She slowly licked her lips.

Novalis shook her head in mild exasperation. "Is that all you think about? What about the halftime show? The parade of flowers was a nice touch."

"I liked the fireworks," said Gabriel.

"I liked the fireworks too," said Belial from as far away from Gabriel as possible. Especially the way they went BOOM!" He clapped his hands for emphasis, earning a withering glance from the Archangel of Fire.

"It's a shame that Jordi, Janus and Valefor could not attend." Yves sighed as he munched on a pretzel. "But, it was not destined to be."

Kronos nodded in agreement. "Yes, this game will be remembered. It's Fate."

Suddenly, every Archangel, Demon Prince and Princess grew quiet as something happened on the field. Then the entire stadium erputed in a conglomerate of cheers and groans.

"What'd I miss?" Eli said as he handed Haagenti his half-dozen hot dogs and drink.

Saminga flashed a cold smile at him. "My favorite part of the game--_sudden death!_"

--written by Graveyard Greg

Graveyard Greg --who now waits for the inevitable groans....

**Flaming Feather**

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