The four cherubim

By Benjamin D. Hutchins (


And when I read Beth's response, I saw the four cherubim with not only GBHAE but also in the Small Body manga-style as befits the current misconception of that choir. ("Ahh, kawaii!")

Oh, no! Not super-deformed Cherubs!

Now think of super-deformed Dominic, with six great big eyes peeping adorably out of his cute li'l hood.

[panel 1: SD Dominic and SD Laurence on a cloud, chatting]

[panel 2: An SD angel with several big jagged angry notes of Discord hovering over him goes by]

[panel 3: Before SD Laurence's amazed eyes, SD Dom whips out a mallet that's twice as big as he is and flattens the Discordant angel, knocking a hole in the cloud under him with predictable results]

[panel 4: SD Dom holds up the mallet (we can now see that it has 'REJECTED' carved backward in its face) and grins a goofy Seraph grin.]


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