Garou and Jean

By Adam Canning (


From: Elizabeth McCoy

Heh. I dunno -- a bunch of Garou run into Jordi... I could see that... "Now, repeat after me, Jean is the Wyrm..." (Or was that Weaver?)

Definitely Weaver. [ie organisation of the universe, rather than Wyrm corruption of the universe.] So, Repeat after me: Jean is the Weaver, Lucifer is the Wyrm. Saminga is Cain and Set, Vapula and Nyblas are the Technocracy, Janus is Hermes and no one's seen an elf since they went to hide on the moon from Uriel.

The only problem is that the most likely candidates in the In Nomine universe for Garou are Jordi's Malakim who spend time changing into wolves...

Adam Canning


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