An In Nomine Halloween

By (Alexander Shearer)


If, by chance, you're wondering what to be for Halloween, some easy solutions exist. So what are you supposed to be?

1. You have no costume to speak of. "I'm a Shedite." This may require an unpleasant act to complete the image.

2. Your friend doesn't have a costume either. Both of you should answer in unison this time. "I'm a Kyriotate."

3. Slid /way/ off that health regimen? "I'm a Pachadite."

4. Break out the cheesy angel wings. "e;A Mercurian."e; Or, of course, take the leather option: "An Impudite. You couldn't tell?"

5. Take a half hour out for some extensive Nair treatment and you're all ready to be an Elohite.

6. Some people can qualify as Habbalah with very little additional makeup.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface. Whip out that ancient Orion slave girl body paint (you know you still have some from that shameful Trekkie past) and you're ready to go with the Lilim brigade! Bring the pets! ("Watch out - Rusty here's attuned to you!") I recommend against trying to be an Ofanite, but that's just a suggestion.

Alexander Shearer


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