A Balseraph Servant of Kobal's Idea of Fun is

by Cymrys
[ Cymrys@AOL.COM ]

Crossing Dominic with Jean to get a light bulb that never goes out - just in case.

Sending Laurence copies of "Robin of Sherwood" until he gets the joke.

Telling Haagenti there's an all-you-can-eat offer in Novalis' flower garden.

Phoning Jordi and yelling "SIT'" down the phone.

Telling Jean you've found a loose wire - but not telling him where.

Telling a Kyriotate to pull himself together.

Telling Michael you've got the dirt on Yves, and he can have it for the reasonable price of...

Phoning Yves, saying "I know" and putting the phone down.

Making a collect call to Heaven from Lucifer's personal phone.

Graffitiing "Jericho Rocks" on Michael's wall.

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Prank a Malakite, and you're on your own..."

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