A Letter to God

By Emily Dresner (zenith@umich.edu)


They had the Bible...and we had those resources, too. You all did damn good.

Good point. Hats off to JC and the Apostles. Jolly good work. 'Course, they had this world thing to work off of...hm. Well, then, my heartfelt congratulations to God for an excellent gaming system. It's got a few holes here and there and once in a while I'm afraid it's completely unrealistic, but...with a bit of fudging, it works.

Okay, so I read this, and laughed so hard I ALMOST wet my pants. You must try harder next time. (It doesn't help that I'm finishing off Norman Mailer's "The Gospel According to the Son".)

Ah-hem. Another letter from Kobal just arrived on my desk. I'm supposed to deliver this.

Dear God,

Hats off to an excellent gaming system. I have found that Your world is well detailed with many interesting areas to explore and many of Your subplots lead to interesting chances for role-playing. Your NPCs are very well detailed, and I can't believe how many You've created, ready to use! An incredible 7 billion.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that Your GMing style requires a little work. I have found some of Your rulings to be a bit arbitrary, and without reason. I shouldn't need to remind You that a GM needs to be fair! And I do see that, yes, God does indeed play with dice.

I would also like to add that I seem to be missing my copy of the rules. None of my friends seem to have one either. Can You please email a copy in postscript to kobal@shal-mari.hell.org? It would be appreciated.

Your good buddy and pal,

KOBAL, Dark Prince of Warm Fuzzies

(I'm watching Kobal's most weird little Lilim servant, creep away laughing like a loon.)

Emily K. Dresner, M.S.Eng. Applications Programmer III and Balseraph of the Game Desktop Applications Team - Medical Center Information Technology

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