In Nomine Love Boat

By Moriah <>


Date: 10 Apr 97 00:02:33 EDT
From: Moriah - Steve Jackson Games <>
Subject: IN> Janus/Ofanite Tethers

Most likely they're mobile -- Amtrack car, lear jet, supermach fighter, the Love Boat.

Capt. Merrill Stubing, Angel of the Love Boat, Ofanite Seneschal of Wind

Ship's Doctor Adam Bricker, Mercurian Friend of Creation. (Songs of Healing)

Yeoman-Purser Burl "Gopher" Smith, Cherub Vassal of Wind (lots of attunements toward passengers in need and their luggage)

Cruise Director Judy McCoy (previous vessel and Role as 'Julie' McCoy was destroyed in an unfortunate encounter with Nybbas), Angel of Light Entertainment, Mercurian Master of Destiny.

Bartender Isaac Washington, secretly a Grigorian Friend of Wind.

Vicki Stubing, Reliever of Wind.*

The Love Boat Mermaids, 9 Soldiers of God, alternately possessed by two Kyriotates of Flowers.

April Lopez (Charo), Angel of Coochie Coochie**, Ofanite Master of Flowers.

*As far as I know, I'm the first to think of that, so, I'll take credit for it.

**The Seraphim Council to this day can not understand how they were convinced to give that out as a Word.


For fun, have your players be led to an adventure aboard a cruise liner and use the above characters, but only change the names so as not to give it away too quickly.

They could be angels on the hunt for a rumor of a Grigori aboard; or, they could be demons sent to stop this ship from becoming a Tether of Janus.

Moriah <exciting and new>


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