Demons Calling Card

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Word 6.66 -- Word Processor of The Beast

i66686 -- CPU of The Beast

666i -- BMW of The Beast

DSM-666 (revised) -- Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of The Beast

664 - Neighbor of the Beast...

Ginsu 666,000 - the TV Offer of the Beast

66.6 MPH - the Freeway Speed Limit of the Beast

6:66 6:66 6:66 - the Blinking VCR Clock of the Beast

Nintendo 6664 - the Video Game Console of the Beast

666th Street - the Nightclub Strip of the Beast

Zoning Ordinance 666.0666 - the Deed Restriction of the Beast

Warp 6.66 - the Cruising Speed of the Beast

6661 Cygni - the G-type Star of the Beast

et 666tera - the Really Overworked Joke of the Beast



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