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Derek's question: Nybbas' Calabim . . . er, okay, I don't know what Nybbas' destroyers do. Anyone?

-The responses-

>From Donald G Bixler (mudgb4@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu):
Andrealphus- The Kiss of Death: The calabim kisses the subject, which causes minor trembling and blushing as capillaries burst and blood and certain other fluids erupt through the skin of living targets. Inanimate objects would just crumble to dust, I suppose.

Asmodeus- The calabim's hand sends forth small chains with hooks on the end, which rip small chunks free.

Baal- Cuts as from a knife and bruises.

Beleth- The calabim lets loose a terrifying scream that shatters inanimate objects and causes bleeding ears and ruptured blood vessels. (An option would be that when the person is dropped to zero hits, instead of dying, they are knock unconcious for a number of minutes equal to the excess damage. When they wake up from their nightmare-ridden sleep, they have a Fear Discord equal to the check digit of the attack divided by two (rounded up).)

Belial- Two words: Spontaneous Combustion.

Haagenti- Bloody teethmarks and chunks gouged out of the victim.

Kobal- The calabim perhaps pulls out a toonish-looking stick of dynamite, or perhaps an anvil falls on the subject. ;'}

Kronos- Aging

Lilith- The muscles, bones, bricks, whatever making up the structure loose all connection to one another and the victim goes to pieces.

Malphas- Doesn't do physical damage. (See p 174)

Nybbas- Since he seems to mainly deal with electronic media, the calabim's attack electrocutes the target. People fry, metal melts or short circuits, doors are blown off their hinges and/or burn, etc...

Saminga- Rot and gangrene

Valefor- The calabim's target just sort of disappears, or parts of it does, at any rate... (Got your nose!)

Vapula- Acid burns...


Derek Responded: Very cool. Anyone want to come up with routine lies for Balseraphs serving each major Prince?

>From Doug Sheppard (sirilyan@the.link.ca):

Andrealphus: "If God didn't want you to, He wouldn't have given you it."

Asmodeus: "This is strictly off the record."

Baal: "Truce."

Beleth: "A gallon of chili before I go to bed works for me."

Belial: "Of *course* it's fireproof."

Haagenti: "Why would I think you're fat?"

Kobal: "I'm laughing *with* you. Really."

Kronos: "God really must have it in for you, man."

Lilith: "Didn't I *say* I'd stay put?"

Malphas: "Hey, I'm on your side."

Nybbas: "He *must* be right. Look at his ratings!"

Saminga: "We tried everything we could, but he was too far gone."

Valefor: "It was missing when I got here."

Vapula: "We're not moving until the environmental impact report comes in."


And here's two cents from Mike Dawson (med12@cornell.edu):

This is inspired by the "Lies told by Belseraphs," and "Destruction by Calabites." Maybe we can hope to see "Impudite Pickup Lines" down the road?

Lilim Temptations(by Prince):

Andrealphus: "Hey baby...";)

Asmodeous: "I can get you aquitted, and get you a nice little settlement for defamatiuon of character. Yes, I know that caught you red-handed, but it's all taken care of. The cost... oh, I'm sure we can think of some little favor down the road."

Baal:"Is that third world dictator still causing you problems? He can be taken care of, Mr. President. A little favor, from my people, to yours."

Beleth: "I can drive her crazy, get her commited. You'll be free of her and no one will have to know."

Belial: "I could burn that building to the ground for you. You could collect the insurance money and no one would have to know."

Haagenti: "You look hungry. Let me get you a little snack."

Kobal: "I can pull that little prank for you. It'll be funny, and you can get your friend back for that time they laughed at you."

Kronos: "Can I tell you something? I think Fate has great things set in store for you. With my advice, maybe I can help you achieve them."

Malphas: "I can find out that secret your wife's been hiding from you. No, I'll do it for free. Let's just say you owe me a favor."

Nybbas:"So, kid, you want to be a star?"

Saminga: "So you want someone, oh how shall we say it, taken care of? That can be arranged."

Valefor: "I can get that for you, for a low, low price. How about we just say you owe me a favor?"

Vapula: "You want a Klamath processor? Mac OS 8? I can get youa test version day, and you'll be years ahead of the competition. Let's just call it a little favor."


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