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Elizabeth McCoy wrote:

"Hint with dealing with Princes -- enemy or other -- I suspect that groveling until told otherwise is A Good Idea. Saying "Yes, Dread Prince," and "Yes, Dark Lord," and "Whatever you desire, Prince Andrealphus," and other varients is a good idea. (And if he says "Call me Andre," a smart Servitor says, "Yes, Lord Andre.")"

I doubt this will ever affect gameplay, but what exactly are the correct titles for Superiors? I thought of a few that seem to fit, does anyone else use similar themes for their games? Or have you got any suggestions to fill in the blanks?

What to call:

Andrealphus: you really just can't go past Master/Mistress (B&D overtones) }:)

Asmodeus: "Your Inquisitiveness"

Baal: "Your Monstrosity"

Belial: "Oh Igniferous One" (BTW - NEVER sing "Great Balls of Fire" behind his back)

Beleth: "Fearsomeness"

Haagenti: "Your Avarice" "Your Excessiveness"

Kobal: "Your Dryness" "Great Satirical One"

Lilith: "Your Deviousness"

Malphas: "Your Divisiveness"

Nybbas: "Your Host for tonight..."

Saminga: "Exhumed Majesty" (remember he's very vain)


Vapula: "Mr. Gates" (or if you're really close, just "Bill") }:)


Blandine: "Your Passivity"

David: "Most Immovable One"

Dominic: "M'Lud"

Eli: Who knows? Missing presumed orgying?

Gabriel: "Your Combustibility" "Your Explosiveness"

Janus: "Your Swiftness"


Jordi: "Nice doggie..."

Laurence: "Sir" (he's a military boy after all)



Novalis: "Hey babe"

Yves: "Your Omnipotence" (I know this isn't strictly true, but you'd try to butter him up if you had the chance)



Servitors whose names are a dead giveaway:

Mary Jane: Mercurian of Novalis
Rock: Seraphim of David
The Elohim Formerly Known as Prince: Litheroy
Colonel Sanders: Calabite of Haagenti


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