[FLUFF] Superior Book Endorsements

By redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)


You're a publisher. You've got a hot book which appeals to *EVERYBODY* that reads it. You hand it to your subordinate, who is secretly an Impudite of the Media, and they send copies to *EVERY* Superior on both sides with a standard 'celebrity endorsement' request letter.

In the morning, you find the following in your "In" box, and your subordinate vanished, transferred to Kobal's service with a Distinction.

It makes your dreams come to life. -- Blandine

Suitable for kids of all ages. -- Christopher

You'll be a better human being for reading this book. -- David

Every word is true. -- Dominic

A totally new concept in writing!!!!! -- Eli

An Inspired work. -- Gabriel

A book that really stirs things up. -- Janus

The only way this book could have been better would be if I'd been consulted as technical advisor. -- Jean

It's wild. -- Jordi

A truly uplifting book. -- Laurence

The next great bestseller! -- Marc

I couldn't put it down... and when I catch the guy with the Krazy Glue tube, your ass is mine. -- Michael

Puts you in touch with your inner harmony. -- Novalis

A guidebook to your greatest potential, if you know where to look. -- Yves

A great book to take to bed with you. -- Andrealphus

A book with some fascinating, and occasionally disturbing, ideas. Worthy of closer investigation. -- Asmodeus

I couldn't put it down... and when I catch you, Kobal, your ass is mine. Stupid Krazy Glue... -- Baal

It'll haunt your dreams... -- Beleth

It'll make you burn for more. -- Belial

It's a trip, man. -- Fleurity

This book will make you MAD. Really mad. If you aren't ready to kill something by the end, well, you didn't read it right. -- Furfur Delicious! -- Haagenti

I laughed. I laughed. It became a part of me. (Especially when I got Krazy Glue on my fingers...this isn't funny) -- Kobal

You should read it again. And again. And again. -- Kronos

You need to read this book. Tell 'em I sent you. You'll just owe me one, okay? -- Lilith

Tell your friends about it! -- Malphas

It's the new paradigm in printed media entertainment! You can't live without this book! -- Nybbas

It's cool. Huh huh, huh huh huh, huh huh huh. -- Saminga

Worth a shoplifting rap- get your hands on it NOW! -- Valefor

It filled my mind with new ideas. This book is sheer potential. A must for any intelligent man's bookshelf. -- Vapula

--- Redneck ("Hi. Your Reliever of Eli went to bed already. I'm her substitute, the Gremlin of Kobal...")

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