[FLUFF] Superiors at the Movies

By redneck@txdirect.net (Redneck Gaijin)


What movie would any given Superior go to watch?

(This started out as humor, but became a more serious consideration as it went.)

BLANDINE - Explorers. She likes the dream sequence and substitutes angels for the aliens. Nice, friendly non-threatening fun.

DAVID - Reservoir Dogs.

DOMINIC - Twelve Angry Men.

ELI - Um, what was that thing, it opened last Friday, with John Travolta, an' Bugs Bunny, an' the talkin' ape, an' the exploding walrus? That was sooo cool, man... oh, wait, those were all, like, different shows, right?

GABRIEL - Falling Down. (Needless to say, her take on the movie is skewed from virtually anybody else's.)

JANUS - Thelma & Louise.

JEAN - Adventures in Space, at the IMAX. He goes to heckle the narration.

JORDI - Wouldn't go, but if he did he would be so P. O.'d at Babe. OTOH, he'd probably like Free Willy....

LAURENCE - The Star Wars Trilogy, Special Edition. He didn't care about the new graphics, he just loved being around people enjoying the hell out of a nice, simple morality play. Plus he has a real lightsaber.

MARC - Hasn't been since he was so badly dissapointed by Other People's Money.

MICHAEL - Glory.

NOVALIS - Oh, look, they're showing 'Yellow Submarine' down at the college art house.

YVES - Apollo 13. (A true case of humanity, under stress, reaching their highest potential.)

ANDREALPHUS - Showgirls. (It was his idea, after all...)

ASMODEUS - The Fugitive (a beautiful movie spoiled by a bad ending).

BAAL - Casualties of War. (Michael J. Who? I came to see the natives get blasted.)

BELETH - Anything by Wes Craven.

BELIAL - Volcano. (Good idea. Only fifty more years, and I can make it happen.)

HAAGENTI - Anything with Chevy Chase in it.

KOBAL - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. (And it is, too.)

KRONOS - Hamlet. A royal family self destructs. Beautiful.

LILITH - BraveHeart. Wonder if Mel Gibson needs anything.... yum.

MALPHAS - Hey, I'd love to go to watch 'The Lost World' with you, but I promised Kobal I'd give 'Batman and Robin' a shot... you understand, don't you?

NYBBAS - Star Trek V. (Or, alternately, 'Batman and Robin.')

SAMINGA - Doesn't go. Doesn't care. Until they do a documentary about every possible way to kill a man, he could care less about how the movies show them- ugh!- living.

VALEFOR - Hey, look, the new Lupin the 3rd movie is out! ... whaddya mean you don't speak Japanese? Oh, all right... let's do the Broken Arrow thing... *

VAPULA - Species. (Hmmm, that looks familiar.... must check my notes and see if someone's been smuggling copies to Burbank....)

(* For those who don't watch anime. Lupin III (or Rupan in the US) is a comic book, '80s TV series, and movie series in Japan starring a lecherous, playful 'gentleman thief,' grandson of the French thief Arsene Lupin.)

CHRISTOPHER - Fly Away Home. (Disney can still turn out heart warmers. Now if I could just get that money-grubber Eisner out of the hot seat.)

FLEURITY - Dazed and Confused. (Hey! I thought this was about- oh, never mind...)

FURFUR - Falling Down. (Scene at a rental counter- "I want-" "I want-" "YOU!!" "DIE, FOUL DEMON!" ***BOOM***)

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