Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

By maya@tcp.co.uk (GR Cogman)


Blame Beth as much as me for this list of relevant Superiors and their opinions on a certain series of comic books and films...

The ArchDean stacks the comic collections.

Blandine pencils in comments about the nature of hope, and building a bright new future.

Christopher frowns thoughtfully at the action figures.

David says "It looks silly, but they teach teamwork."

Dominic wants more efficient law and order.

Eli adores it. "Hey, man, just think about it. Turtles. Pizzas. Ninjas. And all for the sake of love."

Gabriel peers at them, murmuring, "The patterns of the universe, etched upon their shells. And they pound the cruel."

Janus is bouncing. "Sequels sequels I want more sequels! Yeah!"

Jean looks aghast at the scientific fallacies in the portrayal of radiation poisoning.

Jordi says, "It should have been wolves."

Laurence mutters about why they couldn't all have been using swords.

Litheroy's team comes in with the floodlights.

Marc mutters, "Make sure they're seen to pay for it."

Michael works on talking to Splinter _before Yves_.

Novalis puts her feet up and watches. "It's very violent, but it's about friendship, and affection, and loyalty..."

Yves considers giving Splinter a library in Part 4.

Zadkiel considers that they do try to protect the worthy.

Alaemon's arm comes out of a manhole.

Andrealphus just holds his head and cries.

Asmodeus infiltrates the sewers to emplace cameras and agents.

Baal drops by to have a word with the Shredder about more effective organisation and tactics.

Beleth tries to get the villains to be more villainous.

Belial mutters, "Napalm the sewers. It's the only way to be sure."

Fleurity grins at the stuff you can put on pizza.

Haagenti thinks they're *his* folks. Mmmmmm, pizza!

Kobal sends ice-cream. Caramel turtle ice-cream.

Kronos envisages their eventual Fates, when they realise that all their struggles will have been for nothing, and eventually lose all hope...

Lilith would expect them to be free of their obligations to Splinter, some day...

Malphas thinks we should have more discussion in the team. More argument. A little more factionalisation, right?

Mammon wants to talk syndication rights.

Nybbas wants to corrupt April...

Saminga prefers his turtles in soup. And dead.

Valefor is tiptoeing around with a movie-reel full of film under his arm.

Vapula crows at the potential for radiation poisoning experiments.


Maya, Elohim of Eli in service to Blandine


-- "There are those who say that wizards are subject to temptations and addictions beyond the understanding of ordinary men: the addiction to shape-changing, or to meditation under the influence of certain herbs and conditions of the stars; the obsession with knowledge, and the development of power. Yet this is not so. Temptation is temptation, obsession is obsession, and choice is choice." - Isar Chelladan, Precepts of Wizardry. -- "Dog Wizard", Barbara Hambly.


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