Summoning Superiors

By John Karakash - LUCENT ASCC (

**Flaming Feather**

Semi-humor -- "How Superiors Toast Groups Of Servitors"

Blandine: That's a tough one. On the Corporeal, probably not, but on the Ethereal, she just shunts everyone into a dreamscape that really, really sucks. She might be able to, en masse, move a group of people to the ethereal and then deal with them there.

David: His patented big-rock-falls-on-all-of-you ability.

Dominic: A lot of judgement swords appear out of the air. God sorts them out. ;)

Eli: "Whoa. This gas I just produced is instantly fatal to all life forms. Sorry 'bout that."

Gabriel: Boom.

Janus: Alternating complete vacuum and air hammers. Or winds that make the typical tornado look like a summer breeze. "A straw through a telephone pole? Hmmmph. What about a telephone pole through a bunch of jerks..."

Jean: Point gadget. click. end of problem.

Jordi: He has it tougher than the rest. But that thing he just summoned LOOKS like a dragon and SMELLS like a dragon and it's very, very, very big. (18 Forces and it's breath functions as a Power +15 area affect attack...) Perhaps his own very, very, very big form is due for a bit of exercise (20 points of armor and big, big feet.)

Laurence: Trust us, he has a way. ;)

Marc: I dunno. Maybe he bribes all the attackers? ;)

Michael: He _taught_ Laurence. No problemo.

Novalis: First of all, no is angry, right? Great. Let's all sit and talk about this. Good, good. Now, I'm afraid some of you are going to have to leave, but no hard feelings, right?

Yves: Funny thing, he knew exactly what was going to happen and asked some friends to be there at just the right time.


Lilith: A friend of hers showed up very quickly. Details vary.


Andrealphus: Sort of like his Captain distinction, but it works on a lot of people. All at once. No, you can't do anything for at _least_ a minute.

Asmodeus: Chains leap out and bind everyone in the immediate vicinity... then they begin to squeeze. Azzie may or may not let people out as he chooses.

Baal: Get serious. Blood will flow and limbs will fly.

Beleth: See Blandine.

Belial: Boom. BIG boom!

Haagenti: Probably just opens his mouth really wide and swallows as much as he wants. It gets unpleasant after that.

Kobal: Hrrrmmmmm. Killing joke, anyone? ;)

Kronos: Time stops for everyone but him.

Malphas: Suddenly, everyone in the vicinity hates everyone they previously were allied with. Mayhem, of course, ensues.

Nybbas: Another tough one. Of course a super version of his Baron attunement might work. (e.g. a huge billboard appears, or he says a catchy jingle THAT YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, DAMN IT KEEPS GOING OVER AND OVER... etc.)

Saminga: Hey, he's the _Prince_ of Death. If anyone knows how to waste a bunch of people quickly, he da man!

Valefor: Pretty rough, methinks. Of course, who knows what he has in his pockets. Also, you might notice that all the possessions of all his attackers are gone. Strange, that.

Vapula: See Jean. Except everything is purple and hums afterwards.

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**Flaming Feather**

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