Frankie, Archangel of Grease


See what can infest your mind if you sit at a bus stop long enough? I hope you all enjoy my warped view of reality.

Grease is the Word.
--Frankie Avalon

Grease is the Word. It's got groove, it's got feeling. Most of all it is the Word belonging to the Archangel Frankie. The rebel celestial is bound to the concepts of youth, rebellion, young love, and musicals celebrating the Word. He is loved little by his more serious peers. Dominic has a rap sheet mile long on the young celestial, but has yet to make anything stick. Laurence and David harbor quite a bit of disdain for Frankie's lack of discipline and constant flouting of authority. Others defend him by saying he is merely embodying his Word.

Frankie is a Mercurian. He loves the spirit of individuality among the humans. He holds deep respect for the interactions among them, especially when the emotions are fresh and new to both parties. He likes hair tonic. Gels too. His vessels will always have a slicked up mop of hair and wear black leather no matter the situation. His favorite vessel is seemingly the byproduct of some weird union between James Dean and the Fonz. And man, can he sing!

Frankie's servitors are charged with the troubled teens of the world. Through song and group dance numbers, they smooth the roads of angst on which so many have stumbled. Frankie's angels are rebellious spirits unto themselves, but each is loyal to Frankie. His angels also consider each other family. The usual tensions between choirs are absent under this Archangel's wings. There will always be some tension among them, but as they say amongst themselves, "Womb to tomb; Birth to earth. We'll always be together!"


It is dissonant for any of the Servitors of Grease to refrain from singing when they successfully perceive a musical cue. Such instances are painfully obvious to most who know of these servitors and their tendencies. If the angel misses her cue, she gains dissonance. If an angel prevents young love from blossoming, she gains dissonance. If the angel fails to bridge a gap between two disparate worlds of the young lovers, she is dissonant.

It is very dissonant for a Servitor of Grease to "chicken out" when her cool is called into question.



Frankie's Seraphim are true to themselves. They know who they are and have learned to love it. They can instantly know whether a person is being true to his own self or not.


The Cherubim of Grease often attune themselves to motorcycles or cars. Such attuned vehicles respond to the loving touch of their angel. Cherubim may add their Celestial Forces to any skill relating to their vehicle.


The Ofanim are vigorous dancers. Their leaps and spins befuddle anyone who can see them perform. By spending 1 Essence and making an Agility roll modified by their Ethereal Forces, they may stupefy any one person with their fancy footwork. The check digit is the number of 5 second rounds the victim is befuddled. The Ofanim may spend additional Essence to affect a larger audience. Each additional person requires another point of Essence.


Frankie's Elohim are the counselors of the angst-ing and heartbroken souls. They may spot these troubled youths automatically. In addition, there will always be an "office" (be it a restroom, warehouse, or bedroom) where they may privately discuss whatever troubles the youth in question.


The Malakim of Frankie's Word are the masters of choreographed knife fights. That is to say that each step, thrust, and dodge seems planned. To some extent, this is true. The Malakite hears the rhythm of the dance in the Symphony, and intuitively knows the steps. She may make a Perception roll to hear the Symphony. The check digit is the modifier she may add to her Small Weapons and Dodge rolls for the duration of the knife fight!


Called the "choreographers" by the other choirs, the Kyriotates may possess a number of "extras" equal to their Corporeal Forces for the duration of any Symphonic "number." They remain in perfect step while dancing, and in perfect harmony when singing with their various hosts.


The Mercurians of Grease can rally a group of people, and strengthen their sense of purpose. By singing, they can unite a group to serve a common cause. They may add their Celestial Forces to any Emote rolls.


We Go Together

Angels of Grease are in tune to with the swinging rock and roll of the Symphony. They are even able to bring its music to the ears of others. With a successful Perception check, the angel can identify the current "number" being played in the Symphony. The check digit represents the number of people who will intuitively know and perform the "number" with the angel. On a check digit of six, everyone in the immediate area joins in!

Greased Lightning

In a direct competition with one other opponent, the angel may spend Essence to increase the check digit of the contested roll. Each Essence spent raises it by 1 point. Angels of Grease can out-drag, out-cool, and out-fight any and all challengers.


Vassal of Solos

Any Song performed by the angel receives an additional +1 to the check digit.

Friend of Autos

The Rebels Without a Cloud have a special affinity for cars and motorbikes. An angel with this Distinction can start any car by thumping the dashboard with his fist, or kick starting a motorcycle. The celestial requires no key. This also works on jukeboxes. The cost is 1 Essence.

Master of Cool

The aura of coolness is about an angel of this measure is palpable. So cool is she, that she never has to worry about a hair ever daring to fall out of place. Simply by walking into a room she commands the attention of all present. With the snap of a finger and 1 point of Essence, she may bring all unattached members of the opposite sex to her feet, clamoring for her attention. For 2 points of Essence, they'll line up for kisses from the angel. For 3 points, they'll faint afterward.


Allied: None. Frankie's a loner.
Associated: Eli, Novalis, Janus
Hostile: Dominic, Laurence, David




+1 A wrench or a bottle of red nail polish
+2 A leather (or pink satin) jacket
+3 A gun with one round fired, and enough left to kill Chino, the other members of the gang and still have one left for yourself
+4 A heartfelt ballad of love from an innocent young lover
+5 The whole company singing a Reprise
+6 A nationwide revival of a major musical

Scott M. Alvarado --
"There was a young cherub named Devon
Who went to a 7-11.
"My Lord," he did state,
"These Slurpees(tm) are great!
It's like drinking a cold cup of Heaven!"

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