Arghangel of Errata

(Created by: w_mazur@primenet.com (Walt Mazur))

[Errata: John Karakash - Lucent ASCC wrote: Loki (as in the deity of old) is going to be in an upcoming supplement (probably Marches), so it's probably best not to use this name.

I "officially" rename him Yhprum. ;) ]

The world isn't perfect, but it ought to be.

Servants of Loki wander through all the manuals and books of the world trying to correct their mistakes. If only they could correct errors as quickly as mundanes and demons create them.

Loki is a Kyriotate, the better to cross reference a book and find inconsistencies. He and his servants are sworn to find and correct errors throughout all the written works of man.

Yes, Loki is the Loki of Norse mythology. He spotted the handwriting on the wall, and got religion. He has honestly reformed from trickster to corrector: we all change as we age, even gods. In the Dark Ages, he proved himself by correcting the mistakes of countless scribes preserving the Holy Word of the Bible.

In their fierce competition for his talents after the invention of the printing press, Yves, Jean, and Marc eventually offered their support for his ascension to Archangel. David agreed, too: revising stone tablets is a bitch. Dominic agreed in return for a copy of all corrections to aid in his Judgements. Eli, Jordi, and Novalis were reluctant to vote for him: imperfection is part of creation. They agreed under two conditions. First, Loki may not presume to correct anything but books and other written materials; Second, Loki must be known as the Arghangel, to remind him that creation is imperfect and he cannot correct every error. In resonance with his old personality as trickster, Loki agreed. Most of the other Archangels considered Loki's ascension unimportant or bizarre, a political oddity to allow his talents to be shared among Yves, Jean, and Marc.


Servants of Loki can't let a written error pass without correcting it themselves, or at least writing a detailed letter of correction to the publisher.

Choir Attunements:

Seraphim of Loki can read anything and tell if it is correct or not, and at high check digits tell how the errata should read.

Cherubs can attune themselves to the ultimate source of any written error they see.

Ofanim are charged with retrieving misprinted material; they know the fastest way to stop its distribution.

Elohim are the only servants of Loki who can objectively judge a passage in a book to know not just what the author wants it to mean and the editor thinks it to mean, but what all who will ever read it will actually understand it to mean.

Malakim are charged with destroying erroneous copies of writings: preliminary versions, galley proofs, flawed plates.

Kyriotates have the ability to cross reference a body of text to see if it is entirely consistent. Kyriotates of Loki can take books or pages as hosts, up to double their number of forces. If a Kyriotate possesses the same book multiple times, he can simultaneously read as many parts of it as he has forces in it.

Mercurians can detect those who would make good proofreaders, editors, and indexers. The Corporeal Song of Tongues is innate and automatic.

Servitor Attunements:

Error Detection:

The angel can detect the level of error in a document and the extent to which the errors will work toward Good or Evil.


The angel of Loki can revise all material within Ethereal Forces plus Check Digit feet of him. The angel must know exactly what corrections to apply.


Vassal of Printing:

The angel can follow a book through production and know if it's in any danger of typographical errors.

Friend of the Editor:

When the angel looks at a galley proof, any errata glow red.

Master of Production:

The angel innately knows the status and level of errata in all aspects of the production of a document.


Allied--Yves, Jean, Marc
Associated--David, Eli
Hostile--Blandine, Janus

Basic Rites:

* Get an error corrected on an errata sheet
* Get an error corrected in a new edition of a book (+2 Essence)

Chance of Invocation: 3

Invocation Modifiers:

+1 A letter noting an erratum, ready to send
+2 An errata sheet authored by the angel
+3 A new edition of a book correcting errata discovered by the angel
+4 The latest revision of Encyclopaedia Britannica, paper only, not online
+5 An erroneous version of the Bible at least 200 years old, with an errata sheet for it
+6 All the errata for the latest revision of Encyclopaedia Britannica personally discovered by the angel himself

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