Lucifer, Archangel of Light

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[Who's Who In Heaven?] An Alternate-Universe Archangel

For those of you interested in a symphony in a different key, here's one Archangel you probably won't see in IN NOMINE canon:

Lucifer, Archangel of Light

"The world is darkness; let it be lit with the Light of the Almighty."


Lucifer has been called "the bright son of the morning" and "most beloved of God." The tales say that, when the universe was formed, the first thing God called for was light...and, as the light was, so was Lucifer. This is no Promethean sun-spirit, though; the light that the Seraph embodies is the inner light within all Creation, which reveals itself in the Truth of God's word.

(From here, of course, the story changes based on whether there was a Fall or not. If there was, someone else leads the Infernal troops. I'm voting for Michael or Gabriel, although a case could be made for Dominic, as well. If there was no Fall...the Garden still stands and the stage is set for IN NOMINE: PARADISIO. Up to you. :) In addition...imagine a servitor of Lucifer who, for some reason, didn't Fall...or didn't know about it.)

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