Naarai, Archangel of Children

(UNOFFICIAL VERSION! Created by Carmen Clemons [ ])

"Suffer the little children to come unto me, but don't let the children suffer."

Naarai and her servants are charged with protecting the children of the world.

Naarai is a Cherub. Her celestial form looks like a giant winged deer. When she manifests in the Corporeal or Ethereal Realms, she most often takes the form of a kindly-looking grandparent, although she frequently takes the form of other people who are associated with children; teachers, social workers, pediatricians, owners of ice cream and candy stores, and so on.

Naarai has been an Archangel for centuries, but has played the political game, and thus has remained one of the lesser Archangels. Her worst time period was at the start of the Industrial Revolution, when children were often used to perform the most dirty and dangerous of jobs. However, although the enactment of the first child-labor laws helped quite a bit, Naarai's Word is far from safe. Abuse of children is still rampant in many places across the Symphony.


Angels of Naarai earn a point of dissonance for allowing a child to be abused. Actually abusing a child earns the offender at least a point of dissonance, as well as some other punishment from Naarai.



When confronted with a Seraph of Naarai, abusers tend to see themselves as what they really are. The Seraph can, with a successful Will roll, impose his resonance on his target, forcing them to see the lies they have been telling themselves. This can be resisted.


Cherubim of Naarai have a highly developed martyr instinct. With a touch, they can transfer any pain from a child to themselves. This differs somewhat from the Cherubim of Novalis - while Naarai's Gaurdians can take on the damage to a child's mind or soul, and the damage to the child's body will no longer hurt, the child's body remains injured.


Ofanim of Naarai can instantly transfer themselves to the closet of any child in the world.


Naarai's Elohim can read children easily. With a glance and a successful Perception roll, they can determine a child's greatest fear and its source, even if the child is not currently feeling fear.


The attack of Naarai's Malakim does double damage to anyone who has intentionally harmed a child.


Kyriotates can possess children's toys, up to twice their total Forces. While possessing the toy, the toy can move, talk, and do anything the Kyriotate could do while possessing a human. This is limited by the form of the toy in question.


The sight of a Mercurian of Naarai is enough to make any child happy. If the Mercurian plays with the child a while and makes a successful Will roll, the child will feel happy for a number of hours equal to the check digit. In addition, the child will have a bonus to the target number of his next will roll equal to the Mercurian's check digit.

Bright Lilim

Naarai's rare Bright Lilim can automatically learn the greatest need of any child with a touch. In addition, the Bright Lilim gains a +2 when using her regular resonance to determine the need that makes an adult abuse children.


Invisible Friend

By spending 1 Essence, the angel can be completely invisible to all but a single child for one day. The angel can drop this invisibility to show himself to an adult, but then must spend another Essence to reactivate the attunement.

Gentle Teacher

By spending 1 Essence and making a Will roll, the angel can cause a child to be inclined to learn something from the angel. This lesson can be anything from a school lesson to something like "don't take candy from strangers".


Vassal of Children

The angel can cause any adult within his line of sight to remember what it was like to be a child.

Friend of Toddlers

The angel can, a number of times a day equal to his Celestial Forces, cure any illness in a child. For the next week, the child will be twice as resistant against catching any new diseases.

Master of Youngsters

The angel can, at a glance, tell how an adult feels about and treats children.


Allied: Novalis, Yves
Associated: Blandine
Hostile: No one




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