Archangel of Death

(Created by: "Perry Lloyd" <>)

"The world is one where everyone's time will come. Until then, use your time wisely."

Thanatos does not seek the death of mortals. Rather, Thanatos seeks to ease their deaths, relieving pain and suffering. Death the comforter, Angels of Mercy, not of Justice. Thanatos also works to provide mortals with a "second chance", another crack at the Game of Life.

Thanatos has the ability to grant the ability to die to the undead, it is possible the a few favored Servitors may possess this ability as well.


It is dissonant for servants of Thanatos to stand by as a mortal dies a painful death. To actually cause a death which is not part of the symphony is to invite Discord!

Choir Attunements


Upon touching the dead, the angel will know the true cause of death, and with a successful perception roll learn a number of people associated with the death.


This choir is charged with the care those destined to die young, to encourage them to their destiny. With a successful Perception roll they can determine whether any action will lead ultimately to that person's destiny or fate.


Being speedy, the Ofanim are charged with bearing the messages, the last words, of the dead to any loved ones. Until a message is delivered, they can "see" a connection, a fine glowing thread which will guide them to those to receive the message.


Charged with counseling the dying, for however long the dying process is, from mere seconds to days, weeks, and months. They may relieve the pain of the suffering with a successful Resonance roll.


The Malakim are charged with delivering the "final justice" to the wicked. Painless, of course. They do not kill, but are present at the hour of death to relieve the pain of death. They are excellent perceivers of honor, with a +2 to their Resonance Check Digit.


They may create their own vessels, but only in the image of the formerly living. One might meet Mozart in this manner, but the angel must have touched the person's body. Alive or dead.


The mercurians are charged with counseling loved ones of the dead. They have a +1 on all Check Digits in pursuit of this.

Servitor Attunements

* Forstall Final Judgement

For 3 essence and a Perception roll, the angel grants the mortal a second lease on life which will forstall death for 1d6 months.

* Little Good Death (required of all)

This kills the target painlessly, not necessarily quickly. The target gently expires. If this attunement is used during the hour of death, then there is no disturbance to the symphony, else the disturbance is normal. This attunement will only work on those willing to die, except in the case of the Malakim. This death is a merciful death in the place of merciless one. Malakim may use this against any they choose, though look to Dissonace (above). Malakim may use this attunement against Demons with a contest of Wills. (higher successful check digit, I assume). Successful or not, the Demon will be alerted to the attack, either because they are in Trauma ("I don't know what the hell hit me!") or because they felt the attack. Failing an attack will cause the Demon's attention to be focused on YOU. :)


Vassal of Morbid Clairvoyance

The angel knows, upon touching the target, the eventually cause of death of the target (cause, not time), barring further Celestial Intervention.

Friend of the Mausoleum

The angel may move between any place of the dead they have visited instantly, regardless of distance on any of the three realms.

Master of Vengeance

While persuing the death of being responsible for an unjust killing, the angel cannot be harmed by that being.

Basic Rites

* ease the death of a mortal
* disrupt the plans of a Servitor of Saminga
* prevent the unecessary death of a mortal
* convince someone not to cut a live short, including their own.

Chance of Invocation: 2

Invocation Modifiers

+1 Painkiller
+2 Reading about death for two hours
+3 A suicide note which was never used
+4 An item once treasured by someone now dead
+5 Witness Euthanasia
+6 Ease the death of 50 people


Allied: No one
Associated: Yves, Blandine, Eli
Hostile: No one

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