Tothiel, Archangel of Light

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Tothiel is the newest amongst the Archangels, having just been granted his Word by the Seraphim Council four days ago. As of a week ago, Tothiel was a Kyriotate of Creation in service to Christopher, and a fairly young one too, having been sung into existence during the 1670's by Eli, the Archangel of Creation. He (for his shows a preference for masculine forms) spent the first fourty or so years of his life in the Halls of Creation, learning from Eli's other Servitors and helping where he could with various projects. By 1710, Eli felt him ready for Earthly service and sent him to France, where he helped to kick-start the Enlightenment by possessing one the key figures of the Enlightenment, one Denis Dierdot. He spent the next couple of hundred years after the Enlightenment in and around Europe, trying to inspire and motivate people. He met with some successes, most notably with Vincent Van Gogh (although he certainly didn't seem to handle Kyriotate possession all too well), and some setbacks (he still cringes at the mention of the French Revolution), but all in all Eli was satisfied with his work. He was so satisfied in fact, that he granted Tothiel two Distinctions, making him a Friend of Creation. Eli found Tothiel a little strange, for even as he worked to create and inspire, Tothiel would often divert out of his way to try to reason with those who were confused or frightened, or forcibly stop those who tried to spread fear and confusion (most notably Servitors of Malphas). In a way, it was due to Tothiel's tireless action that the French Revolution was not as bad as Malphas, Belial, and Beleth had hoped it to be, and they never forgot that.

After the Great Potato Famine in Ireland of the 1850's, Tothiel was ordered to America, where he worked alongside several other angels of varying Superiors in and around the northeastern United States for the remainder of the 19th century and a good part of the twentieth, working to counteract the negative influences (especially in the late 19th century) of Mammon, Demon Prince of Greed and of Malphas, Demon Prince of Factions. Then the inexplicable happened. Eli, Archangel of Creation, left his followers in the care of the other Archangels, stripped himself of his memories and simply vanished. Tothiel found himself in the care of a new Archangel: Christopher, Archangel of Children. It was very strange and unnerving for a while, but Tothiel soon adjusted, and worked well with the other Servitors of Children for the better part of thirty years.

Now, in the year 2000, Tothiel has found himself busier than ever. Christopher assigned him to work at an abused children's shelter in San Francisco, California three months ago. Tothiel worked with several Servitors of different Superiors for a time, still going out of his way to reason with those frightened from ignorance, but his work was constantly menaced by the demons running rampant in the area, particularly Servitors of Lust, who are notorious for their sexual perversions. It was a stroke of luck that Zeliel, an Ofanite of Wind sent to shake up the status quo of San Francisco politics, inadvertently stumbled on a Tether of Lust in an run-down strip club. Before an alarm could be sounded, Tothiel and his companion angels called in a hit squad of Malakim of the Sword, who promptly killed the Seneschal and destroyed the Tether. The Servitors of Lust, once they recovered from Trauma, called on the Servitors of Hardcore to aid them. After the Servitors of Hardcore were returned to Hell in Trauma (though not before taking out Ithin, a Cherub of Revelation), they informed their Superior: Furfur, the Demon Prince of Hardcore. Prince Furfur, spoiling for a fight after a major riot he'd planned in New York City was foiled by Servitors of Flowers and Revelation, took on a vessel and came to San Francisco to launch an attack on the angels there.

On Market Street, a few streets away from the outdoor cafe where the angels all gathered for their weekly planning sessions, Tothiel, in the body of a little girl, spotted Furfur causing a ruckus. He was pounding on homeless people and throwing them out in front of speeding cars. An outraged Tothiel jumped into the body of a large construction worker and tackled Furfur's corporeal form. A vicious fight then ensued, starting corporeally, then going celestial as the two realized who their assailant was. The battle was, to put it very mildly, intense. Ordinarily, a mere Kyriotate could not win, but Tothiel fought in an unorthodox manner. He used his bodiless form to continually slip and slide from Furfur's grasp, taunting him all the while. The insults so enraged Hell's newest Demon Prince that he got sloppy and made mistakes, mistakes which the Kyriotate capitalized on (being a bodiless cloud with the ability to generate and dissolve limbs and organs as needed can be so useful sometimes). The Symphonic noise certainly drew a lot of attention from both sides, but no one dared to interfere. When the dust and smoke cleared, it was Tothiel, Kyriotate of Creation in service to Children, who was left standing--or floating--and it was Furfur, Demon Prince of Hardcore, that lay dead beneath him.

Naturally, this development created a lot of attention in both Heaven and Hell. Listien, a Malakite of the Sword, quickly spirited Tothiel to the nearest celestial Tether (a Tether of Protection in a nearby mall), and up to Heaven. He was interrogated by all the Superiors including Christopher, and then allowed to rest and regain Essence. Christopher reviewed Tothiel's service record from both his time serving Children and his time serving Creation, and, without Tothiel's knowledge, presented him as a candidate for a Word before the Seraphim Council. Before the Council convened for a formal hearing, other Archangels put in similar positive words about Tothiel. Laurence commended him for service above and beyond the call of duty in single-handedly taking on a Demon Prince. Michael praised Tothiel for heroism. Zadkiel claimed that Tothiel had served Protection more than Children by saving his fellow angels and the mortals from the ravages of Furfur, and even stern Dominic could find no fault in his service record, even if he did have comments about the Word of Creation in general. Tothiel himself was unaware of all this, remaining in Christopher's house and playing with the child-souls as usual when in Heaven. He was quite surprised to be summoned before the great Seraphim Council, and even more surprised to find that he was being considered for a Word. Christopher advocated this publicly, and Tothiel made the best account of himself that he could, though he knew not what Word he would be granted. The Council agreed with Christopher. In a public ceremony before all the Archangels (it is rumored Eli himself might have been there in some disguise), Tothiel was invested with the Word of Light, for centuries of guiding mortals out of the darkness of fear, hate, and ignorance. This was four days ago.

If the gathered Archangels were stunned at the Seraphim Council's decision, Hell was thrown into shock. For millennia, Lucifer had claimed the title of Lightbringer, and had called himself the Shining One. Now that title was proved false, as the new, true Lightbringer came into being. Lucifer was incensed, to say the least. All of Hell quailed before his fury, in the midst of the confusion caused by Furfur's death. For four days, Lucifer has stalked Hell, smashing anything and everything in his path. The Demon Princes, even mad Saminga, have steered clear of him. Even the Lilim offer no impertince as he kicks aside their holdings in Shal-Mari like toy houses. The Prince of Darkness can no longer generate his aura of shining light, which has only further frustrated him, although the demons know now that when a massive shape of purest darkness comes their way, get clear! Kronos, in quiet conversation with Nybbas, has speculated that if the new Archangel of Light had been a Seraph, it might have lessened Lucifer's fury, but that the Word of Light should be claimed by a mere *Kyriotate* was all the more insulting.

Tothiel, the new Archangel of Light, has been quite overwhelmed. So far, he has begun renovations on Lucifer's old Cathedral of Light in Heaven and the other Archangels have directed several newly-created angels into service. Novalis has taught Tothiel the secret to singing new angels into existence, which he has done a few times already although he's not comfortable with it. Being now something of a hero in Heaven, Tothiel has found himself being accompanied by an honor guard of some Malakim of the Sword and a couple of Seraphim of War who view him as a brave demonslayer now. He's not sure what to do exactly yet, and he's not gotten around to figuring out attunements, Distinctions, and the like, but he is rapidly progressing in Jean's opinion, and Dominic feels that he'll soon adapt. After all, adaptation is the one thing Kyriotates do best.


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