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First of all, I want to thank everyone for their input on Uriel. A few things have been changed on him, and I think he fits into canon better now. Well, at least as well as any homemade Archangel can be expected to. :)

The multiple Choir attunements are gone, and I have tried to tighten up the wording on the attunements I kept. All of them are asumed to depend on the resonance of the Choir they are awarded to, so even the degenerate-seeming ones can't be combined to munchkinesque effect.

Here you go. Enjoy. (Oh, by the way. If anyone wants to post him on a web page, I would be more than grateful to have it done. :) )


"The world has become corrupt. It must be made pure and holy in the sight of God."

The youngest angel of the first creation, Uriel was charged with preserving the purity of the Symphony. Created as a Seraph, he embraced purity and perfection as the greatest truth possible. As stars and worlds came into existence he was there, examining each for the false note that would reveal it as imperfect and unfit for inclusion in the Symphony.

When the War came upon Heaven, Uriel was outraged. Discord had entered into the pure Symphony as the result of deliberate action, something which had never before happened. His injured Word resonated within him, and he was forced to act. He sacrificed his Seraphic nature to become the first of the Malakim, a living instrument of vengence and the wrath of God. His transformation brought a change in method, if not in purpose. He was no longer content to watch for imperfections in the Symphony. Instead, he began to activly seek those imperfections and destroy them before they could threaten creation.

For millenia his efforts were directed against Hell. But then he became aware of a new source of disturbances in the Symphony, coming from the Marches. Heaven had always known of the Ethereals; some of the spirits were as old as the Earth itself, and they had slowly become more active in the Corporeal realm. Eventually the disturbances they caused in the Symphony and the interference they created in the lives of mortals grew too great. Uriel acted.

Much has been written about the Purification Crusade, but the reasons for it have never been explained. The Ethereals, by meddling in the affairs of mortals, had become a greater threat to the Symphony than Hell itself. When diplomacy failed to persuade them to leave, Uriel was left with no choice but war. Slowly the Ethereals were driven from the Corporeal realm to the Vale of Dreams, and then from the Vale of Dreams into the Far Marches. Then victory was snatched from him.

The last thing Uriel expected was to have to answer to the Seraphim Council for the Crusade. He was stunned, and his Servitors enraged, that he was to face trial for promoting his Word. He argued eloquently in his own defense, unable to comprehend why this was happening. Understanding came, but from his own Servitors, not the Council. He learned that Laurence, Angel of the Sword and his most faithful Servitor, was ready to lead the Angels of Purity into war against Heaven if he was condemned, and he realised just how much his actions had divided the Host. Unwilling to be the cause of such discord in Heaven he called out to God in desperation, seeking help. Whether in response to Uriel or Yves, God answered. Uriel was summoned into the higher Heavens.

Uriel's return from the higher Heavens has brought more questions, and reopened old wounds. He speaks little of the Crusade, saying only that it was necessary. He insists that he seeks no special authority or position, claiming only his rights as an Archangel. Of his experiences in the higher Heavens he says nothing.

It is dissonant for Servitors of Purity to allow evil to go unchallenged. There is no dissonance for failure to prevent the evil or for being truely unaware of the existance of the evil. Dissonance comes from being aware of the evil, and choosing to do nothing.

It is also dissonant for Servitors of Purity to act against the pure nature of their Choirs. They gain double their normal dissonance for acting against the nature of their Choir.

Servitors of Uriel have been purified and refined, focusing their resonances and their natures in a more precise manner. Furthermore, all Servitors of Purity gain the protection of the Word they serve. No Servitor of Purity may Fall, just as the Malakim cannot Fall.

A Seraph of Purity may automatically use his resonance. If he chooses this option, he will automatically succeed with a check die equal to his Celestial Forces. If he chooses to roll anyway and fails, he may not use his resonance against that individual for a number of minutes equal to his check die minus his celestial forces.

A Cherub of Purity may choose to attune to a single entity of no more Forces than are posessed by the Cherub. If this option is chosen, the Cherub automatically succeeds on his resonance and both special resonance use rolls with a check die equal to the Cherub's Celestial Forces.

An Ofanite of Purity may use his resonance to gain extra actions. On a successful resonance roll, the Ofanite gains a number of extra actions equal to half of his check die (rounded up). This must be used in place of a standard resonance use, and carries the same dissonance conditions for failure that any other Ofanite resonance use carries.

A Malak of Purity may swear on Oath to accomplish a certain deed. Until this deed is complete, the Malak gains a bonus equal to his Celestial Forces on any roll which helps him complete that goal. The Malak suffers dissonance for any instance in which he can work towards completion of that oath and he refuses. Once the Oath is completed it is no longer of any concern to the Malak. This Oath must be specific; "I swear on my honor and my Archangel that I will hunt and kill the demon Furfur" is acceptable, while "I swear that I will destroy the forces of Hell" is not.

The Malak of Purity gain no extra protection from Falling from the Word they serve. When making dissonance rolls, they are destroyed if an infernal intervention is rolled. Uriel does not suffer traitors.

A Kyriotate of Purity may form a partnership with a willing host instead of just posessing the host's body. During this time they are treated as if they were a single entity, with access to the skills, songs, attunements, Essence, and memories of both beings. If the host is slain during this time, the Kyriotate will find himself in Heaven suffering from Trauma, regardless of how many other hosts he was posessing at the time.

A Mercurian of Purity may add the check die of his resonance roll to any roll made to interact socially with the subject, for a number of minutes equal to his total Forces.


Perfect Pitch
When the angel detects a disturbance in the Symphony, he automatically knows who caused it and why.

Unshakable Resolve
Once the angel becomes committed to a course of action he believes is correct, he may add his Celestial Forces to any roll to resist being persuaded or forced to turn aside from that course. Be aware that being "forced to turn aside" means such things as posession, geasa, etc., and not physical intervention.


Vassal of Cleanliness
By spending one Essence, the angel may purge a single object of any imperfections it posesses. Gems become flawless, food becomes perfectly cooked and edible, and so forth. If used on a living being, it negates the effects of any Discord the individual is suffering from for a number of minutes equal to the Vassal's Forces.

Friend of Holiness
By spending three Essence, the angel may radiate a divine light (visible only to Celestial perception) with a radius equal to the Friend's Forces in yards, which lasts a number of 5 second rounds equal to the Friend's Will. No being with Forces equal to or less than the Friend's Forces may take any action which would cause a disturbance in the Symphony while in this area. Multiple Friends may combine this distinction to increase the number of Forces required to ignore this distinction.

Master of Purity
The angel may burn Discord from a willing individual. The individual loses 1 Force for every 3 levels of Discord (or fraction thereof) removed in this fashion.

Uriel has not been back long enough to form any relations one way or the other. The ones he has are based on old memories and individual perception of his actions. These may change, but it will not happen soon.

Allied: Gabriel, Laurence
Associated: David, Dominic, Michael
Neutral: Eli, Janus, Jean, Marc, Yves
Hostile: Blandine, Jordi, Novalis

*Clean an area which has been made filthy by deliberate action.
*Spend one hour persuading mortals to repent and serve Heaven.
*Kill a demon.


+1 The dead vessel of a demon, or of an etherial who has made a 10+ point disturbance in the Symphony.
+2 In the presence of a mortal who has truly repented of his sins.
+3 In a consecrated place of worship.
+4 In an area which has not experienced a disturbance in the Symphony for 24 hours. This modifier is lost if the angel spends Essence to improve his chance of summoning Uriel.
+5 In the presence of a formerly Hellsworn Soldier who has freely repented and is now serving Heaven.
+6 A situation in which the Symphony faces great, if not irreparable, harm.

One last thing. I'm not really sure about these invocation modifiers. If anyone has some suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.

Rich Gant


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