Bright Lilim of Fire (Gabriel)

Angel of Contrition

By CeIestiaI7@aol.com

I'm currently working on a series of NPC celestials (angels), each of whom holds a particular Sacrament as their Word. I'm not familiar with any such series to date, so I thought I'd give it a try. For those not familiar with the Seven Holy Sacraments, they are: Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Penance, Anointing the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. I have a few ideas for each of them and will post each as I finish it. If you have any *must see* ideas, send them to my private email address. Otherwise, I'd rather just have public discussion on what I've already posted. So here's part three...

I was going to save Penance for last, but the idea I got for it wouldn't wait. I kinda like the thought of the Angel of Contrition performing her own penance while "in office." Without further ado...(those looking for further ado, please email me privately 0;-)

Forces: 10

Corporeal Forces - 3     Strength 7        Agility 5
Ethereal Forces  - 3     Intelligence 6    Precision 6
Celestial Forces - 4     Will 10           Perception 6

Vessels: Human/5 (Adult Female)


Detect Lies/2, Emote/5, Escape/3, Lying/6, Move Silently/1, Savoir-Faire/2, Seduction/6, Small Weapons/2


Attraction (Ethereal/4), Dreams (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/2, Celestial/5), Horns/2, Wings/2


Malakim of Fire

Special Rites:

"...and I firmly resolve with the help of Thy Grace, to sin no more, and avoid the near occasion on of Sin. Amen"

With those words, the Dissonant notes flowed from the penitent angel and into the vessel of the robed pardoner. As the words of remorse flew on to Heaven, the eternally young hands of the cloaked woman withered and suffered boils and open sores as Discord was made manifest.

"Now go forth and sin no more."

"Thank you, Havilah," said the unburdened angel as he stood to leave.

"For your Penance," Havilah said, putting an emphatic punch in her words to sit the petitioner down. The angel sat.

"For your Penance," continued Havilah, "You will spend a week in service to the Symphony's impoverished and not allow your adversaries to draw you into battle."

The angel's eyes grew wide, "What? If I don't lift my sword to defend myself, I'll be eaten alive by the diabolicals!"

Havilah pulled back her cowl , revealing a blemished and discolored visage. She was acutely aware of the angel's revulsion.

"Penance, my friend, it not an easy thing to live with."

For years, Elsabet, demon of Sexual Dreams, served Andrealphus in the Prince's most elite ranks. She was responsible for more misogyny, adultery, and fetishism than any two Lilim in Prince Andre's employ. The dreams she created were art of the most perverse color, and taunted mortals with dreams which reality could not hope to emulate. She created many a sexual predator from her dreamers, but in the end, they suffered crippling cruelty at her hands (and assorted parts) as well.

Enter Lemuel and Lehabim, a Seraph of Dreams and Elohite of Fire respectively. It was they who first noticed the subtle perversions of Elsabet. Working in tandem, the angels were able to prevent her from spreading her brand of emotional torture any further. Once captured, she was unable to demean the act of physical love. She was turned over to Gabriel for her sentencing. Much to everyone's surprise, Gabriel embraced the Lilim and conditionally took her under an archangelic wing.

Many other superiors (Dominic especially) voiced their outrage at Gabriel's acceptance of the unrepentant demoness. They thought that Hell was surely having a chuckle at this Archangel's folly. Gabriel and Elsabet soon proved them wrong. A year later, Elsabet was renamed Havilah and declared by Gabriel as a Bright Lilim, redeemed from the influence of The Adversary. In a second bold (some have said blasphemous) gesture, Gabriel announced that Havilah would petition for the Word of Contrition, and speak for herself to the Council. Of all the Archangels, only Yves, and in a surprising tactical move, Laurence* showed support for the petitioner. Ultimately though, it was Havilah's own words and actions that swayed the Council into approving her for the chosen Word.

As the Angel of Contrition, Havilah is not merely in charge of overseeing the reparations of dissonant celestials and sinful mortals. She is charged with making sure that they are remorseful as well. Her word and her own resonance have endowed her with a special tool for fulfilling her mission. She is able to dissipate the Dissonance and Sin of others and wear it on her image as Corporeal Discord. As a Lilim, however, she is able to enact a geas for such a service. Her tasks are unusually difficult, but most of the Host would rather pay the price than risk prosecution by Dominic's Servitors or worse.


Havilah hears the confessions of those she deems truly needy of her service. She can also carry the burden of Sin for mortals as well. While humans have no dissonance, the nature of the sin being pardoned (rather than the number of Dissonance notes) determines the level of geas being placed on the mortal. A practical list of sins and their level follows:

Of course the few examples are only guidelines and are, as always, subject to the situation and GM fiat.


The saintly scholars in the Halls of Worship officially recognize Havilah as a Sacramental Angel even though previous angels actually held the Word "Penance" as opposed to Contrition. As might be expected, the previous holders of Penance were a Seraph and an Elohite. The nature of this office changed subtly with the change in Word, but the few voices of protest soon calmed as the elder Archangels seemed to acquiesce to the judgment of the Council. Dominic is still festering, but even he is (secretly) impressed with how the office and the Word are shaping up.


*Laurence is not dumb. He recognizes a tactical advantage when he sees one. In this case, a Lilim on the side of Heaven, further empowered by a potent Word, is a decided victory over the forces of Hell. Now if only his gamble pays out...

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