Andrew Steward

Cherub of Creation (Eli)

Created by: Shadowcat (

Forces: 10

Corporeal: 3    St. 6   Ag. 6
Ethereal : 3    In. 6   Pr. 6
Celestial: 4    Wi. 7   Pe. 9


Cherub of Creation, Malakite of Creation, Abracadabra


Human/2, Role(Museum Director)/5


Artistry/3, Fighting/4, Knowledge(Archeology)/2, Knowledge(History)/2, Large Weapons(Sword)/2, Small Weapons(Dagger)/2, Throwing/2


Corporeal Tongues/1, Corporeal Entropy/3, Corporeal Healing/3, Celestial Light/3



Andrew has been a cherub of Eli for nearly a century now. He acquired the attunement of a Malakite and his discord after a lady in his protection and his lover, a Cherub of Blandine, were killed by a Balseraph of Andrealphus. He feels he could have saved both their lives if he hadn't been detained by a Seraph of Dominic, who was trying to win brownie points with his Archangel.

He now constantly looks for the Balseraph, hoping to "even the score." He also will do his best to humiliate servants of Dominic, but not to the point of causing dissonance, or tilting the balance of the war towards hell. He also DOES NOT want to get rid of his discord till after he has met and beaten the Demon that caused it.

Andrew is presently working as the head curator of a small museum in southern Oregon. The collection consists primarily of strange and bizarre curios brought from around the world by a family of importers. Most of the items in the collection are quite mundane, though a few have been shown to be mild talismans. There is a small room in the basement of the museum designed to hold more powerful relics. This is where Andrew keeps any items that could prove too dangerous to display.

Recently Andrew traded a jeweled bracelet to a Lilim of Valefor for a 3 point Geas. It was the last errand she had before she could start the road to enlightenment. She has not yet decided if she will follow that path or not.

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