Cherub of Creation (Eli)

Angel of Love

Created by: "Leath Sheales (Leathal Weapon)" <>

"This one had to happen. I haven't seen him on any web pages, so I don't know if anyone has already done this. I'm writing him basically off the top of my head, so no hard stats appear below. I'll try to fill in the blanks later."

This mischievous little Angel has been around for many a millennia, appearing in many guises. The Cherub (obviously) appears suddenly near people who need a little love in their lives, so that he may attune himself to them more readily. Once attuned to his target he may automatically sense which people the target thinks he or she could most readily fall in love with. He then uses his Bow (see below) to cause these people to fall in love. Although he only really needs to shoot the object of his target's desires to cause a love bond to form, he usually shoots both to ensure that the love will last for a long time, therefore greatly furthering his Word. Cupid, while normally acting like a child, is an intellectual, and focuses on his targets gaining emotional and intellectual love, rather than simply the lustful love that is so fleeting (and serves Hell).

Cupid has not seen his master for several hundred years now. Eli feels that Cupid is doing a fine job, and doesn't wish to disturb the Angel. If Cupid chooses to summon Eli, the attempt will be practically automatic (+1 modifier if over a year since last summoned, and the two haven't seen each other in close to 400 years), but he sees no reason to talk to his master at this time.

In Celestial form, Cupid appears as a chubby human infant with small wings. He was a little less than careful during the renaissance period, and many gifted humans saw his celestial form, resulting in the portrayal of Cherubs as fat babies. The other Cherubim aren't overly impressed by this effort on Cupid's part, but the image seems to be permanently attached to human perception. Cupid's corporeal form is generally of a small child with a lovable face who gains the trust of adults instantly. His eyes express a wisdom beyond his (seemingly) young years. He also keeps a female Dove vessel, for keeping an eye on those lovers he has brought together. Although the Symphony is supposed to dictate the ebb and flow of love between humans, Cupid isn't above going back to his targets who are having a little trouble, and 'shooting' them again. He has also been reported to have an influence on the Destinies of some of the greatest lovers of all time, and many suspect that he has performed some services for Yves in the past.

CUPID'S BOW- Celestial Artifact.

This small, almost cute short-bow always appears in Cupid's hands when he assumes Celestial form. He may cause it to disappear at will, and may summon it just as easily. It is essentially a part of him, a gift from God when he was granted his Word. He can sense its location, and almost never parts with it, but there have been occasions when he has allowed others to use it for his amusement.

For a cost of 1 Essence, he may create an arrow for the Bow. This arrow is approximately 1 foot long, with pure white feathers on the shaft, and an arrow head in the shape and colour of a bright red heart symbol. Cupid may shoot this arrow at anyone he can see, and almost always hits (there have been memorable occasions when he missed, but no one really gets hurt, and it's all in the name of fun). If the target fails a Will roll with Cupid's Forces as a negative target modifier, they will fall madly in love with the first person they see for a duration of CD months. After this time hopefully real love will have developed and Cupid won't need to shoot the person again, but as noted above, he will if he has to. Over the years, Cupid has become rather adept at causing distractions to make sure that the target sees the right person after being shot, so as to avoid annoying mistakes.

Another power of the Bow is that for the cost of 1 Essence, Cupid can cause the bow to take on a Corporeal form, similar to a celestial inhabiting a vessel. This form is identical to its Celestial form. Cupid uses this power to occasionally summon the Bow to his Corporeal vessel, so that he doesn't cause as much noise.

"So there you have it. Just a quick outline. I'll try and get some numbers ideas, but I don't know if he actually needs them. If anyone has any thoughts, send them my way." --Leath.

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