Cherub of Creation (Eli)

in the service of Dreams (Blandine)

(Created by: "Paul F. Strack" <>)

Forces: 11

Corporeal Forces - 2 (Strength 4, Agility 4)
Ethereal Forces - 4 (Intelligence 11, Precision 5)
Celestial Forces - 5 (Will 5, Perception 7)


Human/2, Charisma +1, Role/2 (Art Collector, Status/5), Body 16


Dreams (Corporeal/6)


Artistry/5, Lying/2, Knowledge (Art World)/2, Savoir Faire/2


Servant/4 (Reginald Asmithe, art purchaser, Level/2)


Cherubim of Creation

Esrom is a devoted follower of the art world. He is fascinated by human creations, particularly visual art, and travels from gallery to gallery absorbing the wonder. He will at times take an interest in a particular artist and foster his career. To this end, Esrom has developed the Role of an eccentric art collector, wealthy but with a mysterious background.

When Esrom becomes the patron of an artist, he usually tries to help them in indirect ways, such as using his influence to get them grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, or other sources. He is especially interested in those whose art touches on the Divine in some ways. Esrom occasionally becomes the personal patron of such artists, attuning himself to them and watching over them. He is currently attuned to three such artists, encouraging them to live in the same city as him so that he may better guard them. Esrom will sometimes visit these artists in their sleep, to try and learn what it is that drives them.

Esrom is a very sociable angel, and likes to associate with his kind. He arranges frequent gatherings, particularly when he wants to show off one of his more recent finds. He brooks no interference in "his" artists, though, and will only step aside if Destiny intervenes.

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