Cherub of Flowers (Novalis)

Angel of Candles

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Forces: 10

Corporeal -- 2 Strength -- 4       Agility -- 4
Ethereal  -- 3 Intelligence -- 7   Precision -- 5
Celestial -- 5 Will -- 12          Perception -- 8


Knowledge: Catholic Ceremony/6, Knowledge: Saints/2, Language: Latin/4, Language: Hebrew/3, Artistry/3, Emote/6, Fighting/1


Song of Healing (Corporeal)/3, Song of Harmony (Ethereal)/4, Song of Tongues (Celestial)/2





Human/3 (Old Church Woman), Human/2 (Altar Boy), Human/3 (Twenty-ish Woman)

Attunements & Distinctions

Cherubim of Flowers, Seraphim of Flowers, Master of Peace, Angel of Candles

Leorah has served many superiors. Originally a Cherub of Purity, she served the Archangel Uriel by guarding the virtue of young men and women in the service of God. She was assigned to the ancient biblical cities of the middle east, protecting holy persons of all faiths. When Uriel was called to a higher place in Paradise, Leorah dutifully accepted a position serving under Laurence. She maintained much the same position, only this time around she served the early clergy of Christ's Church.

She took much joy in her assignments. The ceremony and pomp of the Church suited her well. The clergy was generally learned and of strong virtue. It wasn't until the Crusades that Leorah really found service under Laurence distasteful. She never warmed up to the violent aspects of serving this warrior Archangel. She was expelled from Laurence's service when she refused to slay the Demon of False Accusations, instead trying to confound him with logic and oration.

This approach did not go unnoticed by Novalis. The Archangel of Flowers embraced the cherub under her wing and has kept her there ever since. Leorah still retained the love of the Church and continued to dwell and serve among its Faithful. It wasn't too long until Novalis gave Leorah the honored Word of Candles.

Leorah serves her Word through acts of devotion, remembrance and peace. She is considered a Christian angel, though her Word bridges such distinctions. She is especially fond of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. Most of the time, she can be found kneeling in prayer in a church, offering devotions to those who have passed or those who have merely been forgotten. Her one true indulgence is the celebration of birthdays. In this case, its a combination of celebrating her Word and the high probability of cake.

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