Cherub Servitor of Stone (David)

Angel of Protest Music

(Created by: Jesse <>)

Forces: 12

Corporeal: 3  Strength 6;       Agility 6
Ethereal:  5  Intelligence 10; Precession 10
Celestial: 4  Will 8;           Perception 10.


Human/3; Role/2 (Roadie)


Artistry: Music/6, Driving/3, Emote/3, Knowledge: Music/4, Knowledge: Counterculture/4, Savior-Faire/4, Singing/2


Dreams (Corpreal/4, Celestial/3); Harmony (Corporeal/4)


Bond/2, Discolored/1


Cherub of Stone, Friend of the Subterranean World, Cold Touch, Divine Destiny (but only to a musician he is attuned to)

Special Rites:

Listen to a protest song, Get someone to write a protest song (+2 Essence)

History: Robert (or Bob as he likes to be called now) is not an old angel. He was fledged about 500 years ago and has served under David for his entire career. Bob stayed a rather inconspicuous angel until recently. While on a mission he bumped into Bob Dylan he was taken by the young musician's skill and ability to write good protest songs. Once Dylan became a star on Earth the Seraphim Council determined that they needed to appoint an angel to guard the musician against Nybbas's and Malphas's minions. David purposed that Robert be placed to help Dylan. The Seraphim Council agreed.

After Woodstock the Seraphim Council decided that Protest Music deserved its own Word and an angel to see over it. The Council decided that the best soul to place in charge of this was the angel who was already in charge, Robert. The Cherub got a promotion and new authority over people such as Hendrix, the Who, Lennon, and Marley. Robert always favored Dylan, though. For years Robert watched over Dylan. The Cherub suffered extreme dissonance from Dylan's drug addictions but David was pleased with his servant and removed most of it. Today Robert has a Role touring with Dylan as a roadie. Since the death of many protest singers in the 70's and 80's Robert has had to expand his Word to punk, ska, rap, and industrial music. When not fulfilling his Role, Bob can be seen at George Clinton shows, among the throngs of Marilyn Manson fans and of course in the coffeehouses of the NorthEast.

Bob has little to do with the other angels of music. His Word is focused on protest, not necessarily music. He rarely talks about the future. Robert fears that when Dylan dies his Word will die too. This fear has recently manifested itself as Bond Discord.

Campaign Ideas: If there is another angel of music in your group Bob might come to him seeking help. The problem would be one, which Bob feels he could not tell David about or it may be a Diabolic plot against the holy aspects of music or Dylan in particular.

Demons of Nybbas and Malphas would both -love- to corrupt Dylan. The PC's could be demons assigned to corrupt the singer or angels helping Robert protect Dylan.

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