Elohim of Fire (Gabriel), Friend of the Divine Spark

Angel of Vengeance

Created by Hatcher Rhanyr <>

Forces: 16

Corporeal Forces - 6  Str 10  Agi  14
Ethereal Forces - 5   Int 12  Pre  8
Celestial Forces - 5  Wil 10  Per  10




Acrobatics/6, Dodge/6, Fighting/5, Large Weapon/6. Move Silently/5, Tracking/5


Charm (Corporeal/4), Attraction (Celestial/5), Form (Ethereal/4), Healing (Corporeal/5), Motion (Corporeal/4)


Sword of Flames (Level 5) which is similar to the fiery sword but has the additional power of burning more fierce when pointed at a individual who is guilty of the crime Azrael is charging him with. The sword is also a reliquery able to store up to 5 points of essence. It gains 1 point of essence at dawn. The Sword of Flames has a power of 5 and a +2 accuracy. It appears to be a brass sword hilt, seperated from the blade. Azrael must spend 2 points of essence (either from the sword or himself) to summon the blade. This is requires no concentration from Azrael and only he can use the sword.


Elohim of Fire, Friend of the Divine Spark, Smite
Special Rite-Destroy the guilty (+2 Essence)


Azrael is a bit of a mystery to most celestials. What is known about him is his fervant dedication to his Superior Gabriel. Some even question if perhaps Azrael might be on very intimate terms with the Archangel of Fire. What is known about him is that he mysteriously appears, destroys his target and then vanishes again without so much as a word. He has no role that people know of, although it is entirely possible he does have one, just shrouded in mystery. In most cases he keeps to himself and is almost always silent except when facing his target.Then he can usually be heard saying is a death-like utterance, "You will know he is the Lord when I strike my vengence upon thee!"

I hope you like him, I think he'd be an interesting character for the characters to meet if they are angels, or to scare the dickens out of demon characters.

Hatcher Rhanyr
"The Angel of Finding a Prize in a box of Cereal"

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