Elohite of Destiny (Yves), Master of Divine Knowledge

Angel of Redemption

Created By: Tapio Erola <>

"I'd like to help you, Fury. Neutralize the anger and relieve the unending pain. There must be a way to reintegrate the broken parts of you. To heal you."

--Dorothea MacDonald, _Diamond Mask_ by Julian May.

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Deuel is one of the more trusted and influential lieutnants of Yves. When a demon starts to think about defection, she's just the person to talk to. She has solid 16 forces (as is befitting to angel this important).

She also represents true repentance and redemption on mortals, persuading them to permanently change their ways. Her relations to her boss are good, and although there have been some rather spectacular failures, she does good job to merit this.

She has a special distrust towards Dominic (Who she thinks is a little too hasty and sometimes denies being a chance to redeem himself). She is not above harboring a demon while negotiating with archangel(s) to arrange his final redemption. This distrust is mutual as Dominic keeps her under constant suspicion and surveillance for talking to demons.

She's little distrustful of Marc, due to his deal-making. It implies ulterior motives instead of true repentance.

She appears as brown-haired, somewhat attractive woman wearing white-toned business suit. She exudes trustworthiness and help. The quintessential counselor, in legal and psychological sense. Her manner is sympathetic but uninvolved, befitting an Elohite, and she is nothing if not objective in her dealings.

Special Rite:

Redemption and Abyss are too powerful Words for players, so these are best suited as NPC:s for adventures where either possibility is involved. They would suit nicely for any team as involved adventure on either side. Both of them dislike the physical option, preferring to keep things 'civil', but Azzy and Dom are notorious in sending their personal hit squads to prevent any defections.

Here they are. Comments, questions, suggestions are welcome and can cause some modification. Flames will be rerouted to Gabriel who will take appropriate action...

--Tapio Erola

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