Word-Bound Outcast NPC

By Doubting Eric (didymus@access.digex.net)


(Many thanks to Ashwath Ganesan for helping develop this concept)

The angel knelt on the rooftop, looking down at the park below. Everything was in place. The woman in the sandbox was playing with her child, unaware of the forces that surrounded her. The Symphony showed no sign of danger, nothing to interrupt what had to be done. All that was left was confirmation. Assurance that the seeds of great evil were here, evil great enough to justify the wrong that must be done.

In time, a great leader would arise from this place. Holding the hearts of men, shaping the course of nations. And pain. Needless wars of conquest. Persecution. Revenge for the petty slights of politics. But it could be stopped. It must be stopped. Despite the price.

The word came, finally, on Celestial tongues. The voice of an Archangel, a Seraph who knew that the cost of War was sometimes unpleasant. "It is confirmed, Gazezael."

The angel nodded. "This thing is necessary," he said, more to himself than anyone who could hear. He shouldered the rifle, looking through the scope and centering the crosshairs on the child's head. "May God hold your soul."

-- Gazezael, Outcast Elohite of War, Angel of Brutal Necessity. --

Gazezael is one of the more significant amongst the Outcast angels on Earth, by virtue of being Word-bound, and by its remaining ties to Heaven. Created by Yves over a millenium ago, it served the Word of Destiny for many centuries, performing its duties with the expected precision of the Elohim. But there was dissatisfaction, there. Its objective viewpoint led it to see a prevention of Fate in unpleasant places, stress points where the application of distasteful means in the immediate would guarantee a far greater good in the future. It was attached to Michael's initiative during the War of the Roses, taking orders directly from the Archangel of War, and it was there that it found its place. Michael's viewpoint on necessity was complimentary to Gazazael's, and when the War of the Roses was concluded, it petitioned Yves to transfer service. The oldest Archangel agreed, but it was with uncharacteristic reluctance and a note of wariness.

It was with Michael that Gazezael began his ascendancy. Given command of a specialized force of Malakim and Elohim, it was sent by Michael to the most troubling focal points of human development, when angelic intervention was deemed absolutely required. Yves at first stated disapproval, although by now Michael had not only ceased to listen, but was beginning his active opposition to the Archangel of Destiny. He defended Gazezael and his group from all sides, claiming the right of War to dictate the application of violence.

In 1973, there was an outrage in Heaven. Gazezael, granted the Word of Brutal Necessity a brief ten years earlier, was discovered to have personally killed an infant in Pheonix, Arizona. The furor became even stronger when Yves stepped forward to reveal that the child's Destiny was to become a simple artist, focusing on paintings of a peaceful and inspiring nature. For Yves to take such a clear stance was unusual: Michael's stern insistance that Gazezael had done the right thing polarized the conflict. Facing the full brunt of Dominic's inquiry, Michael made an executive decision. He declared Gazezael Outcast and cracked its Heart.

Heaven does not speak of Gazezael, the Shearer of God, anymore. But there are whispers amongst Michael's forces that when something needs to be done, something that would cause even the most stalwart Malakite to blanch, Michael just nods, and eventually it gets done.

On Earth, Gazezael has acquired very few associates. It moves constantly, as both Dominic and Yves would dearly love to have it captive in Heaven. Hell made the mistake of approaching it, once. Three of Baal's were sent to their Hearts, bearing a very strong denial from Gazezael. It moves from place to place, still in communication with Michael, making single private attacks in the War.

-- Game Stuff --

I'm not including numbers here, since you're all creative enough to make Gazezael as powerful or weak as necessary. But, things to consider:

Gazezael no longer holds its Elohite of Yves attunement. However, it holds both the Elohite and Malakite of Michael Choir attunements, as well as Proficiency in both Knife and Rifle.

It has a vessel, a male form that is generally nondescript.

It also has an artifact: A hunting rifle that functions as a Holy Pistol.

Gazezael's Rites:

As a Word-bound, Gazezael's Rites remain intact, although it can no longer use Michael's. All standard rules apply.

Prevent a greater harm by releasing a calculated smaller harm. (This includes such things as brushclearing fires and triggered avalanches.)

Prevent a being from reaching its Fate. (Note that having the being reach its Destiny is not required for this rite.)

(BIG NOTE: Gazezael is neither Discordant nor dissonant. It is Outcast by politics only. It's still very firmly on the side of Heaven, even a Heaven that doesn't like to think about its Word.)


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