The Gumshoe Angel

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Marlowe, Elohite of Judgement, the Angel of Ratiocination

"When you have eliminated all other possibilities, whatever remains must be the truth."

Early in his career Marlowe was involved in a couple of Tribunals whose smooth running was tainted by poor relations between members of the Tribunal and those being investigated. Seeking another way to uncover the truth Marlowe began examining the sites involved in alleged wrongdoing and the items he found there. Dominic allowed him to continue with his unorthodox methods, despite complaints from Marlowe's Tribunal partners.

Marlowe gained a reputation as an unreliable Judge, despite a perfect record from the Tribunals he served on, and he was placed under Torquemada, the Angel of the Inquisition, to teach him proper judicial process. Marlowe and Torquemada clashed over many cases. The Inquisitor Angel's approach grated on Marlowe, and the fact that Marlowe was right much more often than he was wrong infuriated Torquamada.

Eventually their struggle came to a head over a Cherub who had Fallen, but not sided with Hell. The Djinn had been captured and was charged with a number of crimes against Angels and with aiding Hell. Torquemada, questioned the Demon until he had confirmed his Fall then pronounced him guilty. Marlowe refused to deliver a verdict without further investigation. Torquemada took the matter to Dominic, who on personally interrogating the Demon and the Angels who had captured him, declared that the demon was innocent of the crimes he had been accused of and that Torquemada had been wrong in seeking to close the case so quickly.

Dominic asked Marlowe if he would like to work to advance his style of Judgement by taking the Word of Ratiocination and Marlowe agreed. The Djinn was so impressed with his treatment that he repented the crimes against Heaven that he had committed and was redeemed, becoming Marlowe's first Servitor.

Marlowe remains an odd Servitor of Judgement. His distain for the Inquisitorial approach of Judgement has given him a sour reputation amongst his fellow Dominicans. However his insight and fair-mindedness makes him popular with even those who dislike Angels of Judgement. He rarely participates in Tribunals, but encourages his Servitors to lend their talents and perspective to them.


Marlowe requires all his Servitors to fulfil the objectives of Judgement, binding them to the same Dissonance strictures as Dominic. Additionally it is Dissonant for any Servitor of Ratiocination to ignore a crime or mystery that is causing distress to others if it is brought to their attention.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim. For Marlowe's Seraphim objects at a crime scene can provide as much evidence as a living witness. A Seraph of Ratiocination can with a Perception roll extract one yes or no answer from any object at a crime scene which was involved in the crime. Questions not related to the crime will produce a random answer.

Cherub. Marlowe's Cherubim can exploit the link between a clue and a suspect to Attune themselves to the suspect as if they were touching them. The clue must be one that relates to that particular suspect.

Elohim - Spookiest of the Servitors of Ratiocination, Marlowe's Elohim can draw on the atmosphere of a crime scene and with a successful Perception roll identify the most important clue. Higher CD's will tell them why it is the most important clue and how it relates to other clues.

Ofanim - Ofanim of Ratiocination can use their Resonance to travel the fastest route towards the suspected perpetrator of a crime without needing to be aware of exactly where the suspect is.

Malakim - Malakim of Ratiocination can sense information from weapons and the damage they have done. With a Perception roll they can match a weapon to any damage it has caused; match weapons to accessories like scabbards, holsters or ammunition; match a weapon to a user or determine the last time a weapon was used. Higher Check Digits will produce more information, with CD's of 5 or 6 providing identifying information about absent weapons or users.

Kyriotates - Marlowe's Kryio's can inhabit a crime scene and watch over it. This requires a Will roll and occupies two of the Kryio's Forces. The Kryio remain in the crime scene for a number of days equal to the Check Digit of their Will roll, but may only observe.

Mercurian - Marlowe's Mercurians can with a Perception roll detect whether an individual has a connection to the suspected perpetrators of a crime. With higher Check Digits they gain more information such as the nature of the relationship is, when the person last saw the suspect and where or how the crime has effected the relationship.

Servitor Attunements

Just The Facts - requires a subject to give short meaningful answers to questions put by the Angel. If an answer will directly incriminate the subject they may make a Will roll to break the effect of the Attunement. Using the Attunement Costs 2 Essence and last a number of questions equal to the Angels Celestial Forces.

* for one Essence bring a criminal to justice.
* for one Essence solve a mystery to the benefit of those afflicted by it.

Summoning - Base chance 3.

+ 1 a copy of the complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

+ 2 a wanted poster

+ 3 the scene of an unsolved crime

+ 4 a "hot" clue, eg smoking gun, warm body, anonymous tip off.

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