Elohite Servitor of Fire (Gabriel)

(Created by: "Paul F. Strack" <pfstrack@math.unc.edu>)

Forces: 9

Corporeal Forces - 2 (Strength 3, Agility 5)
Ethereal Forces - 5 (Intelligence 8, Precision 12)
Celestial Forces - 2 (Will 3, Perception 5)


Human/4, Body 18


Charm (Ethereal/4), Entropy (Ethereal/5)


Ranged Weapon (SMG)/4, Dodge/2, Lockpicking/2, Small Weapon/3,Tracking/3


Elohim of Fire, Smite



Uriah sees himself as a vengeful fire, scourging the night of its darkness. Like all Elohim of Gabriel, he seeks out those who inflict psychological pain on others. Uriah realizes how deep such damage can go; while physical torment can be dismissed as something external, mental torment can be much more subtle, and leaving lasting scars. Often its victims do not consciously realize their torture.

In last few years Uriah has been driven to the boiling point by some of the inexplicable cruelties he has witnessed humans inflict on each other. He is no longer satisfied with demonstrating God's anger; Uriah wants to make certain that the cruel never have the opportunity to harm another again. He will ravage his targets with the Ethereal Songs of Charm and Entropy until they are left helpless and often mad.

Uriah is dangerously close to falling. He has succumbed again and again to his passions, and his dissonance has manifested in Discord. Unless something is done soon, he may plummit into the darkness that he seeks to quell. Uriah is very good as what he does, and very dangerous, so pulling him back from the brink will be no easy task.

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