Kyriotate Servitor of Stone (David)

(Created by: "Paul F. Strack" <pfstrack@math.unc.edu>)

Forces: 9

Corporeal Forces - 4 (Strength 10, Agility 6)
Ethereal Forces - 2 (Intelligence 5, Precision 3)
Celestial Forces - 3 (Will 6, Perception 6)


Gargoyle/3, Body 70


Motion (Corporeal/5)


Fighting/5, Dodge/2, Move Silently/3, Tracking/2


Kyriotate of David, Deep Gaze

Elizur is mild mannered and focused for a Kyriotate. It spends much of its time in quiet contemplation, resting in its favored Vessel, a stone gargoyle perched at a useful vantage point on the tallest building in the city. At times, it sends aspects of itself out in pigeons to watch over other areas of the city. Pigeons are Elizur's second most common vessel; it automatically inhabits pigeons that land on its gargoyle vessel before they do something "unpleasant."

Elizur is rather withdrawn, rarely contacting the other Celestials of the city unless there is a need. At times it will venture forth in its gargoyle vessel to do the heavy work that is required of it. This means climbing down at night, or if time is short, flying with the Corporeal Song of Motion. The razor sharp claws of the gargoyle tend to put a quick end to any battles Elizur finds itself involved in.

Elizur has recently noticed a pattern to construction in the city. It suspects there is a deeper signifigance to the arrangements of several new buildings that have been built in the last few months. It feels uncomfortable, but has no real proof of diabolical influence, and is not certain how to learn more. Elizur may soon be forced from its shell to seek aid in this matter.

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