A character: Redeemed by Judgment...

By Elizabeth McCoy (emccoy@nh.ultranet.com)


"I'd worked for certain...people in the past. That's what got me my DA job. Then I got offered a position as a junior partner in a nice little private firm. One who did a lot of _pro bono_ cases, took things on for a cut of the winnings, that sort of thing. They were really good about helping out the people who needed to be helped, instead of just going for the ones who could afford it. Hey, they had the right attitude, so I agreed.

I hadn't known the entire firm was Soldiers, or I'd never have stayed up all night on the Krantz case. A few months later, I met the senior partner, on the day of the week he was talking to the *founding* partner... I think the 'recruitment speech' turned out a little differently than usual, after I said yes.

Not every day you get to shock an Archangel, *meaning* that 'yes'."

Dedan, Bright Lilim of Judgment Forces: 9

Corporeal 2  Strength: 4      Agility 4
Ethereal  4  Intelligence: 9  Precision: 7  (Mind Hits: 36)
Celestial 3  Will: 6          Perception: 6 (Soul Hits: 18)

Human/2, Charisma +1, Role ("Debra Daniels," Lawyer/4, Status/4), Body Hits: 16

Skills (& Target Numbers):
Computer Operation/1 (T#10), Detect Lies/3 (T#9), Dodge/1 (T#5), Driving/1 (T#8), Emote/2 (T#8), Fast-Talk/3 (T#9), Knowledge (Law/1) (T#10), Lying/1 (T#10), Move Silently/1 (T#5), Ranged Weapon (Pistol/1) (T#8), Savoir-Faire/1 (T#10), Seduction/1 (T#7), Singing/1 (T#7). Songs: Affinity (Celestial/1), Charm (Celestial/1)
Attunements: Bright Lilim of Judgment

Dedan is really something of a "thought exercise" in the kind of personality (esp. Lilim personality) who *could* get redeemed by Judgment. (And I don't mean the BalDom version.) It would have to be someone who was really concerned with justice beforehand -- say, a Lilim who'd gotten a little ...enthusiastic... about the idea of defending people against the "bigger boys" who had money to throw at lawyers. She gets a nice little spot with the DA, being a court-appointed lawyer for a while, and then this law firm -- run by Soldiers -- asks if she wants to join...

Okay, so you're a demon who's been in the habit of helping out the little guy, the people who don't really have the money that they need to stand up for themselves in a court of law. Maybe you've gotten some hooks on the side, but hey, you haven't used one to benefit the guilty for a long time! And then you get asked to talk to the senior partner, the one who's been out of town for a while.

But what you don't know is that the senior partner is an angel, and that right after he finishes doing the explanation about the War (you're sitting there trying to decide whether to laugh or run and settling for a calmly fascinated "go on, this is interesting") -- *his* boss is going to show up for that weekly visit.

Lucky for Dedan, she really *was* interested. The senior partner asked, "So, do you want to join up on the side of the angels?" Dedan said, "Yes." And the Archangel in the background who had just shown up said, "By God, you really mean that."

Dedan's not earned her wings fully, yet -- she needs to acquire a Servitor Attunement before she's considered to be a "full fledged" angel -- but she's done a good enough job that she can access a Choir Attunement. (I'm using the Bright Lilim Attunements, from the INC. If those don't suit your tastes, give her the Elohite of Judgment Choir Attunement.) She's mostly been working with the Soldiers, but may be tapped for triad-duty in the future. (She'd definitely be paired with a couple of older, steady angels.)

I am not entirely sure which Prince she might have been serving previously, but for the story to work right, she'd have to have practically gone Renegade already -- in which case she has her ex-Prince's bully-boys gunning for her -- or have been a Free, in which case she'll probably owe some Geases to Lilith. Either can serve as a source of plot-potentials...

Dedan is a balanced starting character, suitable to boggle your PCs. ("Why do you Need us to go away, angel?")

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