Malakite of Fire (Gabrial)

Scourge of Mass Murderers.

Created by: Peter Frederick <peterf@geko.net.au> for Fires Bright - Fires Dark

Forces: 15

Corp 6  Str 12  Ag     12
Ethe 5  Int 10  Prec   10
Cele 4  Will 6  Precpt 10

Malakim Oaths

- Never use Mundane Weapons.
- Never Tell a Lie

Vessel - Human Level 5.

Attunements - Malakim of Fire, Ofanim of Fire.

Skills - Fighting 4, Dodge 6, Large Weapon (Sword) 6, Tracking 4, Tactics 4, KS Causes of Death 4, KS Serial Killers 4, KS Mass Murders 4

Songs - Motion - Corp 4, Ethe 3, Cele 6; Forms - Corp 3, Ethe 6, Cele 2; Entropy - Corp 2, Ethe 4, Cele 6; NCorpus Breath Fire 6 [use same stats as Spit Acid, but is fire].

Artifacts - Flaming Sword Lvl 6.

Horatio is a force of destruction. He has served Gabrial for many centuries, seeking out those who she nominates and destroying them. He is not particularly subtle or personable, sort of like a Cruise Missile. Horatio's favoured method of operation is to get close to the target (using the Ethereal song of Forms if necessary), to isolate them (and prompt others to leave) by setting the area on fire, to kill the target (after advising them of their sin), to devastate the area to reduce signs of Celestial involvement and then to escape by the Celestial song of Motion or just going Celestial.

Outwardly a near perfect model of his Choir and Servitor of Gabrial, Horatio has several deep flaws. Firstly, he is very proud of his special place amongst the Malakim of Fire. He regards his targets as being the most worthy of Heaven's Wrath and the most difficult of targets to deal with. Secondly, he is beginning to love his work so much that he is seeing it as a thing in itself rather than a part of God's plan.

Gabrial has used Horatio to deal mainly with mass murderers, and for this his approach has been reasonably effective. Horatio does not know that Gabrial only sends him for a mass murderer after one of her other servants has failed to get proper contrition from them, and it would probably only make him prouder of his position if he was to find out.

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