Malakite of Fire (Gabrial)

Created by: Elizabeth "Archangel Beth" McCoy (
for Redneck's Dark Victory PBEM; other players probably shouldn't read this

Forces: 9

Corporeal 3  Strength     6  Agility 6
Ethereal  2  Intelligence 4  Precision 4
Celestial 4  Will         9  Perception 7

Malakim Oaths

Never allow an evil to live by personal choice
Never surrender in a fight or allow oneself to be captured by the forces of Hell
Always be the last to retreat
Never abandon a companion to capture


Human/1 (Human female), Body Hits: 24


Malakim of Fire


Acrobatics/1 (TN 7), Detect Lies/1 (TN 8), Dodge/4 (TN 10), Escape/1 (TN 7), Fighting/3 (Cel TN 13, Corp TN 12), Large Weapon (Sword)/2 (TN 8), Medicine/1 (TN 5), Move Silently/3 (TN 9), Ranged Weapon (Pistol)/2 (TN 6), Singing/1 (TN 8), Small Weapon (Knife)/2 (TN 6), Tactics/2 (TN 6), Throwing/1 (TN 7)


Light (Corporeal/1, Ethereal/1, Celestial/3), Thunder/2, NC-Claws/1, NC-Wings/1

This character was created for the Dark Victory universe.

Jecamiah (resurrection, or confirmation, or revenge, of the Lord), is one of the youngest of the angels of New Heaven. Before Armageddon, it was a Reliever of Fire, a familiar to one of Gabriel's Mercurian servitors. Afterwards... Jeca had a vessel, and managed to escape to Earth. Heartless, the reliever was basically invisible to the demon victors. Eventually, it wound up in Austin, and was promoted by Gabriel in one of her calmer moments, casting aside its old name (Zoar-iri, little fire) for one that suited its raging grief and loss -- and hope.

Before Armageddon, the then-reliever had intended to fledge as a Mercurian itself. But Malakim were more needed, and Jeca burned to be someone in the front lines of future conflicts, striking out against those who destroyed its world. For the most part, it is grim and focused, but will occasionally display some spark of humor or empathy -- the remains of its former dream to be a personable Friend of Man. It's not suicidal, but is personally fatalistic; it doesn't expect to survive to see Heaven retaken, but hopes that it will be able to go out in a blaze of glory, surrounded by little shreds of demons.

Its vessel is female (a rather angular human form, with a "strong," thin nose; sympathetic viewers think of blades, others think of cheesewire [Maya's term, I stole it!]), but Jecamiah does not yet have a gendered self-image. It's still an it.

If desired as a PC or NPC in a normal In Nomine game, all that's needed is some personal tragedy to change it from would-be-Mercurian to Malakite -- demonic Force-stripping of its former Mercurian mentor might do it, or some outstanding cruelty to a Soldier/servent/random human on the part of demons.

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