Malakite Friend of Trade (Marc)

Angel of Accountants

Created by: Neel Krishnaswami <neelk@MIT.EDU>

Forces: 11

Corporeal Forces -- 3  Strength 6     Agility 6
Ethereal Forces  -- 4  Intelligence 8 Precision 8
Celestial Forces -- 4  Will 6         Perception 10


Human Female/2, Charisma +2 (sheer enthusiasm), Role/4 Status/4 (Business Ethics Consultant)


Tongues(Corporeal)/5, Harmony(Ethereal)/5


Dodge/6, Emote/3, Fighting/4, Ranged Weapon/4, Detect Lies/5, Knowledge(Accounting)/6

Attunements & Distinctions:

Divine Contract, Malakim of Trade, Incarnate Law (see below), Vassal of Trade, Friend of the Shareholders

Special Rite:

- Improve accounting practices at a business: +2

Malakim Oaths:


Mene is one of the rare Malakim of Trade. She has not been on Earth for very long, and has held the word of Accountants an even shorter time.

She petitioned for the word of Accountants soon after coming to Earth, impressed by the remarkable level of integrity the accounting profession as a whole maintained, and seeing great possibilities to fight evil by stamping out what corruption did exist. Despite Marc's support, the Seraphim Council was at first hesitant, thinking this a word better suited to a Mercurian or Seraph.

But when Dominic unexpectedly intervened, intoning gravely that the Malakim sense of honor was perfect for encouraging honest business practice, the Council gave her her word. Dominic also granted Mene a specialized form of his Incarnate Law attunement, to allow her to always know what the correct accounting rules are.

She has settled into her role as a business ethics consultant, and attacks her job with both diligence and passion. She loves her job and her word; her raw passion is often enough to make even the most difficult esoterica interesting. She is adamant about the good that well-maintained records can do, and is unyielding when it comes to tolerating even the slightest bit of corruption.

Some angels have remarked that Mene seems a very strange Malakite, but none of the remarkers have been Malakim themselves. Just because the evils she fights aren't tentacled horrors from the Pit doesn't make them any less evil, or her victories any less important.

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